Shaun White Rubs Backs With Abbie Cornish

by The Editors on April 23, 2012

Swhiteacornish Thegirl Stoli 1-Oak 42012

Shaun White is certainly maximizing his celebrity building NYC party time, last night (Sunday, April 22, 2012) he with Australian actress Abbie Cornish at the Tribeca Film Festival party for her movie The Girl at 1Oak. What do Señor Blanco and Ms. Cornish have in common, aside from loving to sit a tables buried in free bottles of Stoli? Ah, yes. Creative Artist Agency represents them both. What are the chances? Damn, our entire post blown out of the water by the fact that Cornish signed with William Morris Endeavor in January 2012. Sorry. Maybe they’re just friends. Thanks, Jenny!

[Link: Guest Of A Guest]

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