Flip Blitzes North To NHS

by The Editors on December 3, 2008

NhsIt took a primer from Boil The Ocean to get us headed in the right direction on this one but it seems Bob Denike and the NorCal skate mob has has picked up another brand as Flip becomes part of NHS’s “brand roster.”

Bob Denike, President and CEO of NHS had this to say, “The addition of Flip strengthens our position to be the #1 skateboard supplier in the industry. The NHS strategy is simple; strong brands across all categories, innovative product development and working with the best pro skaters; past, present, and future. The Flip brand together with the global Flip team are a powerful and welcome addition to NHS. And frankly, it’s about f*#king time!”

It’s all just painted plywood anyway, right?

[Link: Transworld Business via Boil The Ocean]

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