Chip Wilson: Most Successful Shop Owner Ever

by The Editors on February 8, 2012

6108973.BinWestbeach Snowboard Shop and outerwear founder Chip Wilson (who is much more famous for founding Lululemon Athletica) has been named Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year by the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business, according to a story in the Times Colonist.

“Chip Wilson exemplifies the values of a visionary entrepreneur,” Peter Gustavson, founder and chair of the Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year Award committee, said in a statement Monday. “He turned a passion for health and fitness into a world-wide movement and has inspired countless others through his unique outlook and commitment to quality. His values permeate everything he does.”

Wilson, who reportedly left his position as chief innovation and branding officer for Lululemon on Janaury 29, 2012, is staying on as chairman of the board. And, if Canadian Business magazine is correct, Wilson is the most successful snowboard shop owner ever with a current net worth of about $2.85 billion. Damn, shredder. That’s big dollars.

[Link: Time Colonist and Canadian Business]

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