Grenade Problems At Denver High School

by The Editors on November 19, 2008

Article 2520Administrators at Denver’s Brighton High School decided that the Grenade Gloves stickers they were seeing on student’s cars were promoting “terrorism and violence” and required that students remove the stickers immediately.

Senior Ryan McKim said he and at least five other students were asked by school assistant principal Michael Stoffler to either remove their Grenade Gloves-brand stickers from their cars, or face disciplinary action if they are to park in the student lot. Students pay $40 per year to park in the lot.

After calling around, the misguided vice-principal reversed the decision after getting the the straight story from the PR professionals at Grenade.

Hillary Hutcheson, spokeswoman for Portland, Ore.-based Grenade snowboarding apparel, said the purpose of the grenade is simply to inspire people to be “explosive at whatever it is they do.”. . .“Our motto is, ‘Make gloves, not war,’” she said. “It’s about just being explosive in life, going for it, and going big.”

She also mentioned that Grenade co-founder Danny Kass had recently completed “a tour of military facilities in Afghanistan.”

Part of the company’s purpose is to connect students with “missions,” such as getting good grades, designing a Grenade logo, and sending in their best snowboard trick, to name a few.

Just last week we watched an entire season of Danny and the Dingo and didn’t once hear anything about any “getting good grade missions.” Though we did learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of passing out drunk on the trunk of a moving car.

Somebody give Hillary a raise.

[Link: The Denver Daily]

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BHS Student November 20, 2008 at 4:00 pm

First, get your facts straight. (The facts in the Denver Daily link are correct) Your article said that it was the teachers who had the problem with the stickers. That is wrong. Teachers supported Ryan and the other students. Several teachers even have the sticker on their cars. It was the ADMINISTRATION that had a problem with the stickers, not the teachers. The teachers are supportive of First Amendment Rights.

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