Washington Snowboarder Missing For 7 Years

by The Editors on September 12, 2011

Joshua-Korvin-3The night that an accidental house fire broke out at his home, snowboarder and shop owner Joshua Korvin disappeared. And for the past seven years no one has heard a word from him, according to a story on King5.com. Not his only daughter, his mother. No one.

Joshua has had personal struggles in his own life to include substance abuse and brushes with the law. Several weeks before his disappearance, he was involved in fights and disorderly conduct in Bellingham, where he was arrested. Joshua owned and managed the Evolution Board Shop in Bellingham.

Police say all the their leads have “been exhausted” and they’d like to shut this case. Anyone with info on Joshua’s whereabout should contact the Mount Vernon Police Department.

[Link: King5.com]

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