LiquidRoam: The $2,875 Electric Skateboard

by The Editors on September 5, 2011


We’re not exactly sure this LiquidRoam electric powered skateboard is exactly built for the current economic conditions, but if you have $2,875 dollars to spend on a skateboard, this may be the one to buy.

The RoamBoard Custom adds amazing color combinations that attract all the attention on the street! Bamboo deck construction provides additional carving feedback! Featuring a 36Volt, 10 Amp-hr Li Polymer battery pack, on board charger, 4 hour charge time, 450 watt DC motor, 3 l.e.d. fuel gauge on hand controller, charge cord included.

All that and a 15 MPH top speed and 12 mile range. You listening, Rob Dyrdek?

[Link: LiquidRoam via Speedlux]

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