Andrew Reynolds Wins Maloof Money Cup DC

by The Editors on September 4, 2011

Maloof Win

It was a crazy day of skating (and some debatable judging calls), but Andrew “The Boss” Reynolds soldiered through to the final, marching right over a ripping Jack Curtin, Manny Santiago, and finally Ronnie Creager to charge home with $160,000 in cash.

After the contest Reynolds sounded relieved. “I’m psyched,” he said. “I just tried my best and everybody has supported me. My friends were here, my mom was here. It was a good time.”

When he was asked what he plans on doing with his money, he showed he’s always the businessman. “I really don’t know. Maybe put it somewhere. Start skateboard companies, do stuff to my house, buy toys for my daughter.”

Pro Results

1. Andrew Reynolds $160,000
2. Ronnie Creager $40,000
3. Bastien Salabanzi $10,000
4. Manny Santiago $10,000

Click here for full Pro restuls

Am Results
1. Ishod Wair
2. Matt Berger
3. Trevor Colden
4. Kyle Walker
5. Kevin Romar

Click here for complete Am Results.

Follow the jump to watch the entire contest.

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