All Girl Skate Jams And Warped Tours

by The Editors on August 11, 2011

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Confession: we’ve skipped out on every single opportunity we’ve had to attend the Vans Warped Tour. Apparently, in contrast to Blink-182, we actually could “wait for the summer and the warped tour.” Seventeen years, as it turns out (sorry Steve Van Doren).

Yesterday, however, thanks to the All Girl Skate Jam (pictured above), we found ourselves in Carson, California for the fifth to last stop of the 2011 Vans Warped Tour. And, we’re happy to report, the kids are alright.

Follow the jump for some photos. . .080611 Cc 7D   524
Leticia Bufoni working the mini-ramp for the Warped fans.

The All Girl Skate Jam finals were going down at noon on a portable miniramp to lookers left of the main stage. It obviously, wasn’t the preferred terrain for some of the girls, but they all handled thier business as a side show to main acts on stage. One look at the list of competitors on the way to the show and we were pretty sure who would win.

And yeah, Volcom’s Leticia Bufoni did exactly that. Here are the rest of the results and a few photos from the day

1. Leticia Bufoni
2. Amelia Brodka
3. Allysha Bergado
4. Amee Jay Papelera
5. Melissa Spillman
6. Olivia Rohde
7. Eliana Sosco
8. Jessica Florencio

1. Annika Vrklan
2. Klara Vrklan

*AGSJ is sponsored by Stila, Foam Magazine, VWT, Vans, Girlz Garage, KAB, B4BC, Bull Tacos, Pro-Tec. If you missed this one AGSJ will have a booth by the indoor skatepark @ S.l.a.t.e. Show Aug 22, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AGSJ skate demos in conjunction with the Maloof Cup semifinals and finals! Come check out the AGSJ clothing line @ their booth

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USC student Amelia Brodka gets her rock and roll on her way to second place behind Leticia. Something she’s surely done before.

080611 Cc 7D   530-1
All Girl Skate Jam founder Patty Segovia and Amelia Brodka.

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Lords of Dogtown: Director Stacy Peralta and the legendary Tony Alva hanging out in the Alva skates tent.

080611 Cc 7D   533
Kristy, Steve Van Doren, and Mike holding down the mile long Vans tent at the mainstage.
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The Tilly’s Stage, not surprisingly, hosted bubblegum teen bands like The Ready Set.
080611 Cc 7D   576
The Ready Set’s Jordan Witzigreuter getting a little choreographed crowd interaction. There’s no lying: Jordan worked his ass off for the crowd. And he’s going to have to do it four more time in as many days.

080611 Cc 7D   604
Gym Class Heroes rocking the main stage.

080611 Cc 7D   602
. . . but the little girls understand.

080611 Cc 7D   583
Skullcandy and light sabres.

080611 Cc 7D   564
Ahhhh, shade.

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The Warped Tour’s famous “Reverse Day Care” featured a mostly soundproofed, air-conditioned room where parents could hangout and wait for the kids to be over it.

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