Dogtown Z-Boy Chris Cahill Dies

by The Editors on June 28, 2011

Chris CahillDogtown’s “lost” Z-Boy Chris Cahill died last week after what was described as a “lengthy” battle with cancer, according to a story on Yo Venice.

Chris Cahill was one of the 12 original Z Boys with Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Jim Muir, Nathan Pratt, Alan Sarlo, Wentzle Ruml, Peggy Oki, Paul Constantineau, Bob Biniak, Shogo Kubo and Stacy Peralta. Cahill was also part of the original Zephyr skate team that competed at Del Mar in 1975, bringing Dogtown style to the world.

Cahill, a airbrush artist and surfboard shaper, did not appear in the Dogtown movie as his spent most of his life in Mexico. According to his website his shop The Underground “was one of the first and most innovative in the Dogtown area and of the era..” For more on Chris Cahill and his art visit Cahill Underground or read this interview by Steve Olson in Juice Magzine.

[Link: Yo Venice]

Anita Romo November 28, 2011 at 12:33 pm

I grew up all My Life in Venice and Santa Monica. I am an OG Dogtown Girl. I hung out with the Zboys back in 75. I know all the Zboys and Peggy Oki too. I would go to the Dog Bowl, my friends Mike Ball (Original Suicidal Tendencies) and Wayne Babcock emptied the Dog Bowl Pool. Chris Cahill was one of my Brief boyfriends, but we always kept in touch. We talked once a week up until his untimely death. When he didn’t answer that week I kinda knew something wasn’t right. I looked forward to our talks and all his stories of his lifetime experiences. He was sick for some years and he went into remission for a year and he was on top of the world feeling well. I WILL MISS HIM~ANITA

Steve October 6, 2022 at 8:36 pm

Anita did you live on 5th street across from Los Amigos and have a brother that has an incident with a new park water fountain?

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