Anastasia Ashley In Playboy Magazine

by The Editors on June 22, 2011

Ashley PlayboyThe July issue of Playboy Magazine (which mistakenly introduces the world to Mrs. Crystal Hefner) reportedly features something much more interesting: a short profile on surfer Anastasia Ashley. No, she’s not naked, but she is striking a familiar pose in this Daniel Russo photo. The blurb is exactly what you’d expect from Playboy.

With her bronze, taut exterior and her compulsive need for adrenalin, the surf Betty is the modern sea goddess. (The Greeks can have their sirens.) Lately, however, cynics have complained that todays’ female surfers are better known for their looks than their athletic abilities–they’re more Anna Kournakova than Annika Sorenstam. But Anastasia Ashley, the 2010 Women’s Pipeline Pro champion couldn’t care less; at competitions she unapologetically prefers bikinis to the traditional wet suit. “By its nature surfing is sexy,” she says, “because you do it in your swimsuit. I love the sport because it’s both physically demanding and physically appearling. Plus, spending most of my day in a bikini isn’t a bad thing.”

Nope. Can’t argue with that.

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