Occy Stumbles With The Stars

by The Editors on May 9, 2011

Mark Occhilupo joins snowboarder Louie “Tiny Dancer” Vito as the second third boardrider (we forgot Layne Beachley) to appear on a version of Dancing With The Stars. Occy’s first go didn’t go so well. As one judge said:

“You’re not just a goofy-footed surfer, you’re a really goofy footed dancer . . .I’ll be clear––it was the worst routine we’ve had in 11 series. You had no concept of partnering Jade, you were out of time, your steps were wrong. It was just truly awful. . . stick to surfing.”

While it obviously takes serious sack to get out and dance on TV, we’ll just put it this way after round one: Snowboarders: 1, Surfers 0.

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