Shaun White Playing Power Politics?

by The Editors on April 30, 2011

White Whca Brunch-Thumb-500X375-34034For the past 10 years news producer Tammy Haddad has thrown a brunch party at her home the morning before the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, DC.

The brunch features one of the most exclusive guest lists on the celebrity party circuit. For today’s event (April 30, 2011), aside from inviting Sarah Palin, Scarlett Johansson, and Rupert and Wendi Murdoch, Haddad invited Shaun White, according to a story in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Georgetown brunch was sponsored by Tammy Haddad and Ted Greenberg; Kevin Sheekey, Hilary Rosen, Mark Ein, Alex Castellanos, Anita Dunn, Bill Knapp, Jim Courtovich, David Adler, Steve McMahon and Franco Nuschese. . . Two charities were highlighted : CURE Epilepsy, founded by Susan Axelrod, whose husband, David, is a key Obama advisor and White Ribbon Alliance, overseen by Wendi Murdoch, married to media mogul Rupert.

We’re guessing this is one of those parties that CAA requires Shaun to attend. After looking at Shaun’s posh garb there really is no other explanation.

[Link: Chicago Sun-Times]

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