Fox Has A Cow Over Bart Simpson Skatebook

by The Editors on March 14, 2011


When The Skatebook ran nine spreads of Bart Simpson rolling some of the most famous spots in skateboarding history in book three (Lance Mountain Issue), it was one of the raddest things we’ve seen in a skateboard magazine book. Now, according to a recent email from Publisher/editor/receptionist Mike Ballard it may also result in the death of The Skatebook.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and its related entities (collectively “Fox”) is suing Skatebook for paying tribute too and turning Bart Simpson Pro. . . So more than likely Skatebook is a wrap because of the legal fees and cost this suit will bring down on this non profit dig. Second if you’re selling this classic book [retailers], Fox is demanding it be pulled from the shelf’s and destroyed or else.

That said, says they still have three more copies that are ready to ship. It’s a sad to see The Skatebook go down, but if you have a copy, hold on to it. Thing is like gold.

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