Shaun White Blowback In Full Effect

by The Editors on January 20, 2011

Last night CNN broadcast a little profile on Shaun White. It was part of their Revealed program and the videos have gotten Shaun nothing but grief from the independent snowboard media. said the profile was:

…full of ridiculous claims, everyone just saying how awesome he is, including himself, all the footage was provided by sponsors and advertisers, and we could go on and on. So if you don’t know what to do right now, check how CNN revealed Shaun White.

Yobeat in a post titled: CNN Has Nothing Better to Cover Than Shaun White by Shaun Blanco said:

In fact, this whole program reminded me of a Transworld article. All the footage was provided by sponsors and advertisers, The “editorial” is provided by someone nobody even knows, all claims are ridiculous, all the riders input is strictly worthless sound bites we’ve heard a million times before, and they call it important.

We haven’t watched it yet, but we’re going to just as soon as we link all this video up. . . follow the jump for the rest.

Shaun White on The Air & Style

Shaun White’s Chinese Mission

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