Skateboard Diplomacy In Cuba

by The Editors on January 5, 2011

Miami skate shop owner Rene Lecour wanted to take his son to a cool destination and they began researching Cuba. After seeing footage of some of the skateboards the Cuban’s were riding Lecour realized they could seriously help the skate scene there by taking some skateboards with them when they went to visit, according to a story on

Lecour . . . thought his contacts in the skating community would make it easy for him to bring boards to Cuba. He was wrong. . . “I e-mailed every single skateboard company I know,” Lecour said. “The only two responses I got were unfortunately one person who said we shouldn’t be allowed to go because of the embargo. Another ‘genius’ said we shouldn’t come because all the skaters are all communist.”

Thankfully, the Miami skateboard community came through where the industry had failed and Lecour was able to hand deliver skateboards to the kids of Cuba.


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