Lyndie Irons Requests Autopsy Report Delay

by The Editors on December 23, 2010

Lyndie Irons, widow of Andy Irons, is asking a Texas court to delay by six months the results of the three-time world champion’s autopsy and report because she fears it will “damage the . . . surfer’s brand,” according to a story on Courthouse News Service.

Based upon ‘leaks’ that have already occurred within the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office and the press reaction to those leaks, the branding of Andy Irons’ company will be immediately, irreparably and severely tarnished if the official autopsy report is released at this time, when the coverage of this event by the press is at a frenzy,” she says.

Sadly, it is requests like this that lead to even more speculation and make it seem that there is more to be worried about. Ultimately, we hope Lyndie’s wishes are respected. We will have years to discuss the autopsy results after the civilian media has moved on to some other tragedy.

[Update 8:55 PM: A Terrant County Judge has reportedly approved Lyndie’s request to delay the autopsy release until after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can conduct some research, according to The autopsy will not be made public until May 20, 2011.]

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