Surfing Ducks Out Of AI Coverage Race

by The Editors on December 6, 2010

Ai CoversIn a month when the covers of both Transworld Surf and Surfer Magazine feature portraits of Andy Irons against a black background, Surfer’s office mates at Surfing Magazine have a completely different take, according to a post by Stuart Cornuelle titled In Defense of Cowardice.

They’ve chosen not to do any work at all toward understanding or reporting the Andy Irons story. Not that they don’t have the scoop. Cornuelle writes:

The things we can’t say in our magazine could fill a…magazine…and Surfer’s the same, as is Transworld, and Surfline (ask L. Samuels), and even the venerated Stab, which is practically owned by Billabong. Make what you will of the fact that Brad Melekian, a Surfer Magazine writer, penned his Andy opus for Outside instead.

No. Surfing Magazine is going to remember Andy doing a big freesurfing cutback because as they say:

We’re not journalists. We don’t really chase leads or hound sources. We don’t chain smoke and flask-nip into the wee hours for no pay, just the satisfaction of spitting on the graves of our heroes. Sorry. Bookmark TMZ for your gossip fix — “you and every housewife in America,” to paraphrase Melekian’s well-researched article.

Guess it’s better than “the dog ate my homework” and Cornuelle got to call out Transworld Surf, Surfer, Stab and Billabong for good measure, but is this really a story to be proud of ignoring?

[Link: Surfing Magazine]

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