Dumb & Dumber Bank Robber Writes Book

by The Editors on November 10, 2010

Bank-Robbery-For-Beginners-By-Anthony-PrinceAnthony Prince, an Australian snowboarder who recently completed four years in prison for robbing a Vail, Colorado WestStar bank on March 21, 2005, has now written a book about his experiences titled Bank Robbery For Beginners: A Story of Criminal Stupidity and its Very Serious Consequences.

At the time of the crime Prince and his friend Luke Carroll were given the name “the Dumb & Dumber robbers” for bungling their crime so completely. Now this book tells his side, according to a story in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Prince said he hoped he could lose the “dumb and dumber” tag. . . “I’ve been internationally humiliated for what I’ve done, so I feel I deserve to tell my side of the story.”

In an audio interview with Statewide Afternoons’ with Fiona Wyllie Prince explains it all with surprising eloquence.

[Link: Sydney Morning Herald, ABC.net.au, via Real Vail]

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