Tom Campion: Zumiez Mastermind

by The Editors on October 28, 2010

Screen-Shot-2010-10-27-At-41657-PmWe’ve always been intrigued by Zumiez founder Tom Campion; not because of the company’s size, or its total sales, or strong stock. What we find amazing about Campion is his ability to communicate the Zumiez brand message to all of his employees. The skill with which Zumiez takes seemingly lost kids off the street and turns them into retail selling machines is legendary, as anyone who has attended the annual Zumiez 100k will tell you.

What is most shocking on meeting Campion is how such a quiet, thoughtful man can engender such enthusiasm in his employees. Transworld Business‘ Mike Lewis interviews Campion. Here’s a little of what Tom said:

I always have had a little problem with authority—authority that’s not justified—“You do this because I’m the founder and I’m going to go out and play golf,” or some bullshit like that. Doesn’t that translate into problems throughout business or society? If you’re going to have vision and you’re going to lead, you got to lead by example not just by words. . . . You can’t do one thing one year, and a new one the next. There has to be consistency over time so [employees] know what’s coming. You have to believe it yourself and you have to be honorable about it. You’ve got to appreciate the fact that they’re working to make the sale. They are the face to your customer all the time. What you tell them has to be consistent.

Much easier said than done. Click the link for the rest of the interview.

[Link: Transworld Business]

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