Zumiez’s $2.1 Million Cali Lunch

by The Editors on September 2, 2010

Zumiez-NotaglineZumiez settled a California lawsuit last year over meal breaks and overtime pay and settling the suit has actually cost the company $2.1 million rather than the $1.3 million originally reported, according to a story in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

The Everett-based youth apparel retailer, in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, said “the lawsuit is similar to numerous lawsuits filed against retailers and others with operations in California. Although the company believes that the allegations in the lawsuit lack merit, it has agreed to a mediator’s proposal to settle the claims in the lawsuit to avoid significant legal fees, other expenses and management time that would have to be devoted to protracted litigation.”

It’s so nice when companies realize that it’s cheaper to pay their employees than to pay lawyers. Guess that’s what lawsuits are for.

[Link: Puget Sound Business Journal]

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