The Weekend Of Maloof Skateboard Carnage

by The Editors on August 4, 2010

Coastal Carnage

Whomever is responsible for staging the Maloof Money Cup and the US Open of Surfing on the same weekend, in the same county of the same state, during the same summer should seriously get their event planning heads examined. Skateboarding is fractionalized enough already without forcing people to make the daily run from Converse’s Coastal Carnage bowl on the beach at Huntington to the Maloof Street course at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Newport Beach.

But do it we must because the Maloof Money Cup starts today (watch it live on beginning Friday) and Coastal Carnage starts Friday. We’re guessing none of this would have happened if Converse Skateboarding had simply sponsored the Maloof Money Cup. Maybe next year they can all get their dates in order.

[Links: Coastal Carnage, Maloof Money Cup, The Skateboard Mag]

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