Crowd Sourcing Brunkhart’s Photo Dream

by The Editors on July 8, 2010


Photographer Chris Brunkhart has spent most of the past year working on a retrospective collection of his snowboarding photographs that plans to release later this year as quality art book. The work is titled how many dreams in the dark? my life on the road with the legends of snowboarding?

Here’s how Chris describes it:

I have been shooting photos now for over 20 years, experiencing and sharing in the lives of my friends. The camera has always been there to document their every move. From Alaska to Chile, from Japan to the Czech Republic, I shared moments more intimate than i ever thought possible. i discovered visionaries thinking, painting, reading, and laughing. I paused in fleeting moments to forever capture cityscapes, at twilight, sunsets on beaches, and sunsets atop mountains. This book is a result from those experiences, created in part to expose the roots that spurred the growth of snowboarding. It is the story of my youthful adventures made while documenting the youthful discoveries of others.

Rather than looking to corporate sponsorship to get the book published Brunkhart has turned to a website called Kickstarter. The site allows people with cool projects to easily gather funding from anyone who wants to support them. And if enough money for the project isn’t raised then no one pays anything. It’s like a no-risk donation.

Right now, Chris is offering up gifts including t-shirts and buttons, autographed copies of the book, and even signed and numbered limited edition 20×30 inch prints depending on the level of support people give. He’s only looking for $5,000. Click the link, check it out, and make a donation to help Chris make how many dreams in the dark? happen.

[Link: How many dreams in the dark?]

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