Surf Cleveland: Out Of Place

by The Editors on June 2, 2010

[Editors’ Note: Thought we had this two years ago, but now we can’t seem to find it. Here it is again just for fun.]

Few surfers put up with more to get less than the surfers of Cleveland, Ohio. They actually paddle out in the somewhat suspect waters of Lake Erie whenever there are waves and they actually like it.

We know this because filmmakers Scott Ditzenberger, Darrin Mcdonald, and Kurt Vincent captured the essence of Midwest surfing in their film Out of Place: A Portrait of Surfing In Cleveland, Ohio.

Click here for the trailer. . . another reminder of how good many of us have it and how surfing improves
lives in the most unlikely of places.

[Link: Out Of Place via Asylum]

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chip June 2, 2010 at 8:41 am

I spent many summers skimboarding on the west side of Cleveland with friends, amid awkwardly warm waters outside of an old power plant in an area we affectionately referred to as Cancer Cove. The newspapers in Cleveland publish a daily E. Coli report and some days we’d drive an hour up to Cleveland just to find out the beaches were closed for the day because the water was too dirty. This video is great, in that it really shows how passionate people are about doing what they love and making it work no matter how dismal the conditions are, i.e. surfing or skimboarding in fucking CLEVELAND, OHIO!

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