10 Snowboarders Die In Russian Avalanche

by The Editors on April 12, 2010

A snowboard tour in Russia’s Kamtchatka turned deadly when a helicopter carrying 18 people was buried in an avalanche on April 10, 2010, according to a story in the Telegraph.

As of now we think 10 people died,” Irina Andrianova, spokesperson for Russia’s Emergency Ministry, said. . . .Three Russians and one German citizen were dug dead out of snow, but the six others were missing presumed dead. . . “Two Russians and four Germans are still under the snow. There is practically no chance they have survived as the temperature is minus 20 degrees Celsius and the thickness of the snow is 10-15 meters,” she added.

The helicopter had just landed when it was reportedly hit by a slide set by tourists who were traveling downhill above them, according to the Washington Post.

[Link: Telegraph.co.uk and Washington Post]

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mkbain April 12, 2010 at 12:33 pm

What a horrible tragedy. I hope we later hear about a miraculous survivor or better.

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