Burton Going Crazy On Web Presents

by The Editors on December 17, 2009

Burton Webps

Burton is going all in on their current Web Presents promotion and it’s worth checking out simply for the voyeuristic spectacle of the whole thing. It started on December 15, 2009 but we just got over to check it out.

The whole thing reminds us a little of the old JenniCam Show popular in the late 90s because it proves just how much we all love watching normal people do stuff no matter how boring it is.

Then again $1,000 shopping sprees to the “next person to walk into the NYC Burton store with a orange tank top on and say the words ‘cold room'” can be compelling content.

[Link: Burton.com]

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Down with corporate December 18, 2009 at 11:53 am

Then again who isn’t corporate? But why give away a grand to a person going to the NYC shop? This just proves how Burton is attempting to appeal the masses instead of someone who really needs a grand to buy a new board and outerwear…give it to a corporation trying to get kids into snowboarding providing for future business as well not just some guido who saw the ad for that dumb show based out of whistler thinking if he wears a burton coat with fur he is daaa $hiznit

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