Hang Ten Founder Duke Boyd On KPBS

by The Editors on October 1, 2009

Hangten LogoHang Ten is often credited as being the world’s first surf clothing company. Hang Ten’s co-founder Duke Boyd was on San Diego’s KPBS These Days show with the President of the California Surf Museum Jim Kempton yesterday (September 30, 2009).

Among other things Boyd talks about the founding of the company, helping to create the surf clothing industry, and how important advertising in Surfer Magazine was to the success of the brand.

Most of the surf shops at that time didn’t have the money to advertise . . . Dorris [Moore] basically took the plunge and said I’m going to buy an ad and took out a contract for one year . . . our success ran right after that.

It all seemed so simple then, but we know it wasn’t. Listen in to the complete audio interview by clicking the link.

[Link: KPBS]

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