Canadian Writer Loves Canadian Snowboard Book

by The Editors on September 22, 2009

As Snb Wb Blog 200Canadian writer Colin Whyte has reviewed friend Dano Pendygrasse’s new Westbeach history book, OutWest on ESPN/Action. And guess what? He likes it.

In “Out West,” Pendygrasse taps into a vitality at the core of snowboarding that seems to have faded in recent years, something akin to snowboarding’s true identity—no matter where you come from—and teases it out in a way that’s never been done before. In short, this ain’t your typical coffee table book. And it’s not just for Canadians.

As non-Canadian people who actually wore head-to-toe Westbeach (including the occasional headband), we have to say we agree. Check it out here. And then buy it. It only costs $12.95.

[Link: ESPN/Action]

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