Red Bull Gets Kicked Out Of School

by The Editors on August 31, 2009

110422-Dtnews-Red-BullThe administration at Australia’s Sylvania High School took action when two Red Bull workers dropped off a few drinks and fliers at the school which had earlier “banned the product on health grounds,” according to a story in The Daily Telegraph.

School officers threw out several cans of the beverage left by the company and refused to hand out any of the stickers and flyers to students. . . The state’s most influential parents’ lobby group has called for a statewide ban on the controversial drinks amid increasing fears about their health risks. . . The Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations wants the crackdown because of concerns over students becoming loud and hyperactive in class after consuming cans of Red Bull, V, Mother or Cocaine. . . Experts said the drinks can cause mood disturbances, heart palpitations, dizziness, headaches and dehydration.

Yeah, just what high school kids need, right?

[Link: The Daily Telegraph]

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