April 2012

Sheckler’s 3rd Annual Skate For A Cause May 5

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

Image002-8Ryan Sheckler is rallying the troops for The 3rd Annual Skate For A Cause event at the etnies skatepark in Lake Forest, California on Saturday May, 5, 2012. All proceeds go to the A.Skate Foundation.

The Fred Water Legends Bowl Contest will have an ordered jam session format in the Shark Bowl. It is a black backyard style amoeba pool with a four-and-a-half foot deep shallow end, six foot deep pockets and a nine-and-a-half foot deep end. It’ll be amazing to see the legends dominate the bowl’s death boxes, shallow-end stairs and Tedderstone pool coping. . . All of the day’s events give skateboarders, sponsors and the community a chance to have fun while giving back to raise funds for A.skate. The A.skate Foundation is a non-profit that allows kids with autism to be a part of the social world through skateboarding. They hold clinics for kids with autism at no cost to the families, give grants to kids with autism for skateboard gear, as well as promote awareness and education.

For all the details and a full list of all the bowl skaters who will be ripping the coping out of Shark Bowl click the link. [click to continue…]


Travis Rice’s Super Natural Winner Run POV

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

This is a view none of us would ever see if it weren’t for the Contour helmet camera Travis Rice has strapped to his head during his first run at the Super Natural at Baldface. Nothing else to say really.

[Link via Yobeat]

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New Zealander Surfs Dead Shark

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

Surfingashark1 460X230After accidentally catching a thresher shark by the tail and having it drown while trying to bring it in to unhook it, two men in New Zealand decided to tow the shark back out to sea. On the way out one of guys decided to surf the shark while it was being towed behind the boat the other shot video and posted it on Facebook, according to a story in the Otago Daily Times. That’s when everyone got upset.

Mark Collins said he regretted his decision to make a video of his friend Eddie Bithell surfing on a dead thresher shark in the Western Bay of Plenty but said the story had been misrepresented. . . Mr Wright said they had taken the dead shark to shore and left it overnight before taking to back out to sea the next day. . . “The shark had been dead for around 30 hours. It was on a separate trip, we were taking the shark back out to feed it into the food chain,” he said.

Unfortunately, the video has been removed so none of us will ever get the chance to see it.

[Link: Otago Daily Times]


Maryland Court Rules Against Rivieri Again

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

Angry, golf cart driving, skateboard grabbing, kid choking, smart ass Baltimore Police officer (and Internet Celebrity) Salvatore Rivieri is thankfully still fired even though the Baltimore Police Union thinks he is such an amazing officer that they are fighting his removal from the police force all the way to Maryland’s Court of Appeals (and maybe the Supreme Court), according to a story in the Baltimore Sun.

Maryland’s second highest court on Friday upheld the firing of a Baltimore police officer who was caught on video berating and pushing a 14-year-old skateboarder at the Inner Harbor in 2007. . . The Court of Special Appeals ruled that Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld III had the authority to terminate the 19-year veteran officer, Salvatore Rivieri, despite a recommendation from an administrative hearing board that he be suspended for six days and lose six days of leave.

For those following along this is the second time a high court has upheld Rivieri’s firing. The last time was in March of 2011. To anyone who watches this video (even five years later) it is almost laughable that Rivieri ever had a badge in the first place. He is a disgrace to anyone who wears a badge and the the Baltimore Police Union should be ashamed that it spent the last five years in court trying to keep him on the force.

[Link: Baltimore Sun]


RIP: Goggle Visionary Dr. Bob Smith

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

Bob SmithBob Smith, an orthodontist who just couldn’t stand goggles that fogged and went on to revolutionize the action eyewear industry with his double lens Smith goggles, died of complications from heart surgery on April 18, 2012 at his home in La Quinta, California, according to an obituary in the Washington Post. He was 78.

Using dental tools, foam and glue, Dr. Smith began building his first prototypes on his kitchen table. He traded his new goggles for lift tickets to ski mountains in Idaho or sold them to ski patrollers, who provided him with feedback to tweak his designs. . . As demand for his goggles spread, Dr. Smith formed his own company in Ketchum, Idaho. By the late 1970s, the company was selling 200,000 goggles a year. The firm also tinkered with goggles that included electrically heated lenses and small fans to cool the face.

Brands like Spy, Dragon, and Oakley would not exist without Dr. Smith’s game-changing product design and we will forever be grateful for the way Smith goggles allowed us to love riding on snowy days. Thanks, Bob. Our thoughts are with Smith’s family, friends, and everyone who has ever worn a pair of his goggles on a socked in white out day.

[Link: Washington Post]


Santa Cruz Celebrates Surfing Preserve Status

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

Chumash ScSanta Cruz, California became the fourth surfing reserve in the world in February 2011, but on April 28, 2012 the city’s Parks Department held a celebration of the reserve, according to a story in the Mercury News.

The title was bestowed upon the small town of Santa Cruz, whose cultural identity is largely wrapped around surfing, by the nonprofit Save the Waves Coalition. . . “It’s not only about protecting these good waves,” said five-time Mavericks surfer Ryan Seelbach, who is also a board member of Save the Waves. “It’s more about galvanizing the community to respect the area, ensure beach access and say ‘no’ to development.”

The surfing reserve extends seven miles along the Santa Cruz coast from Natural Bridges State beach to Opal Cliffs. Nice.

[Link: Mercury News]


Lil Waynes CCS Catalog Cover BTS

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

Lil Wayne is diving in on skateboarding just like one would expect a rap mogul to; through collabs, partnerships, and hanging out with all the right people. He recently worked on a shoot for the May edition of the CCS catalog with Torey Pudwill, Theotis Beasley, Shane O’Neill and Paul Rodriguez.

It ended up being much more than just a photo shoot as Weezy and the crew literally skated deep into the early morning hours at P-Rod’s private park. If there’s one thing for sure it’s that Lil Wayne is definitely down for the ride—the man hardly ever put his board down.

It apparently went a little like this.

[Link via TaleTela]


Patrik Wallner: Kim Il-sung’s Birthday Skate

by The Editors on April 30, 2012

Skate filmmaker and VisualTraveler Patrik Wallner was in North Korea to skateboard, however, on April 15, 2012 he and his crew got caught up in the birthday celebrations for great leader Kim Il-sung’s birthday, according to a story in The Atlantic.

Prohibited from skating, a crew of videomakers traveling in Pyongyang turned their cameras on the April 15 festivities surrounding Kim Il-sung’s birthday. The result is a color-saturated, impressionistic look at the fanfare — pretty much what you would expect a travel diary shot in the style of a skate video to look like. They manage to get one shot of skating in, right at the end of the piece.

Click the link for the entire interview with Wallner.

[Link: The Atlantic]


Quik’s New CFO Jumps In From Oakley

by The Editors on April 27, 2012

Quik Logo10Quiksilver today (April 27, 2012) announced that they have found the man to take the CFO job after Joe Scirocco leaves the company. His name is Richard Shields and he was formerly CFO of Oakley.

Robert B. McKnight, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Quiksilver Inc., commented, “We’re really pleased to welcome Rich into the Quiksilver family. His extensive corporate financial experience and proven track record in international operations, retail and manufacturing make him an ideal fit for our growing global business. Rich is an accomplished executive who we expect will make an immediate contribution to our pursuit of substantially improved financial performance, especially through our long-term growth initiatives and globalization efforts.”

Shields, who has previously worked for Day Software, Frame-N-Lens Optical and Taco Bell, will officially start at the company on May 11, 2012. Follow the jump for the official word. [click to continue…]


UFO Caught On Tape At Skatepark?

by The Editors on April 27, 2012

Power Productions posted a skate edit of Jessie Mullins and friends skating their local skatepark in McKinney Skate Park in Ontario, Canada.

The Video has only been online one night and i had a bunch of people tell me i caught a ufo on film. So Here is the single clip from the video I posted.

Not being expert ufologists we can’t say for certain what it is. But it certainly is moving quickly across the sky.

[Link: Gather.com]