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Rarick, Garcia Into Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame

by The Editors on May 6, 2015


Professional surfing co-founder, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Executive Director, and global surfing icon Randy Rarick and Sunny Garcia were inducted last night into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. Rarick is one of the rare, humble, talented surf promoters who worked tirelessly for the betterment of surfing. In a time of conflict and issues between locals, sponsors, and the media Rarick seemed always able to walk the good line through it all.

“My efforts along the way have always been to honor the sport of surfing and the meaning it has brought to my life and countless others around the world,” Rarick said. “Surfing is truly, uniquely Hawaiian and I’m honored to have had a career that has shaped and spanned my entire life. I would also like to honor others along the way who have helped me to do that, including Fred Hemmings, Buffalo Keaulana, Rell Sunn and Gerry Lopez.”

Rarick took the event as the opportunity to officially announce his “full retirement.” Thank you Mr. Rarick. Professional surfing is so much better because of you and we hope that it can survive your absence. Follow the jump for more. [click to continue…]


Hayes Arrested For Real Estate Fraud

by The Editors on May 2, 2015

Remember how everyone was getting out from under their underwater mortgages during the last recession by doing a “short sale” claiming they couldn’t afford to make the payments on a loan that was more than their house was worth? Well, that’s apparently what former pro surfer (and RVCA co-founder) Conan Hayes did. But according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office he wasn’t exactly straight up about his ability to make the mortgage. They are charging him with “one felony count of grand theft with a sentencing enhancement allegation for property loss over $200,000” according to a story in the Orange County Register. According to the story:

Hayes co-owned the surf clothing brand RVCA and sold his interest in the company in 2010 for more than $7.5 million, prosecutors say. . . They allege that Hayes got the bank to approve the short sale by falsely claiming that he lost his job and was unemployed. But, they say, he didn’t tell the bank he made millions of dollars in the sale of the company.

If found guilty Hayes could face a maximum sentence of five years in jail. He’s currently out on $586,245 bail. For a little more background check Beach Grit and this.

[Links: Orange County Register and Beach Grit]


Kennelly Sues Soul Surfer Producers

by The Editors on May 2, 2015

Keala-Kennelly-Headshot-Surfer Keala Kennelly is reportedly suing the producers of the Bethany Hamilton bio pic Soul Surfer (Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, Inc.) because they denied her a role in the film based on her being “a lesbian, but also because they believed she starred in gay porn,” according to a story on Courthouse News.

In January 2010, Kennelly learned that Brookwell McNamara had chosen not to give her any role for the biopic, according to the suit. . . . Kennelly claims that as producers mulled over casting, a female producer told director Sean McNamara she “had some dirt on” Kennelly. . . “‘For one thing, she is gay,'” Kennelly’s complaint quotes the producer as saying. “‘And she does gay porn. It’s on the Internet.'”

Okay, so according to Courthouse News “though openly gay” Kennelly denies ever making pornographic movies. Kennelly lost her Screen Actors Guild health coverage because she didn’t get the role in the film. Now she is “suing for religion discrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual orientation discrimination. She seeks compensatory, special and punitive damages,” in Hawaii’s First Circuit Court. She filed the lawsuit on April 29, 2015.

[Link: Courthouse News]


Looks Who’s Getting An Icon Award

by The Editors on April 24, 2015

Ishof Icon

The International Assn. of Skateboard Companies (IASC) and the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame (ISHOF) are proud to announce this year’s Icon Award recipients for the 6th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame: Steve Van Doren, James O’Mahoney and Tracker Trucks. The Skateboarding Hall of Fame will be held during the IASC Summit on May 14 at the Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa, Calif. For the official word from the IASC, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Investor Wants Quik To Sell Itself

by The Editors on April 22, 2015

QuikRyan Drexler, the president of Consac LLC, sent a letter to Quiksilver begging the company to put itself up for sale, according to a story on Bloomberg.com.
Drexler, said

. . . the company should find a buyer “in order to preserve diminishing shareholder value before Quiksilver’s conditions get even worse.”

Quiksilver has lost nearly 75 percent of its value in the last year and Consac owns 3.5 million shares. So anything that would bump the price up would
be great for them. Then again, who would listen to a company that owns 3.5 million shares of Quiksilver.

[Link: Bloomberg]


Concrete, Boardpress Join King Shit

by The Editors on April 17, 2015

King Pub

Canada’s alternative action print group The King Publishing Project has just rolled in a few new titles. Joining them at King Shit, King Snow, and Later are Canadian skate mag Concrete and the trade mag The Board Press.

“Every skateboarder here knows what Concrete has meant for the scene in this country; they’re the original Canadian skateboard mag. Even when King Shit was competing against it, we respected everything they did for skateboarding,” said King Publishing Project President Ryan Stutt. “By bringing Concrete and their team into the King fold, we’re going to be creating a whole new media network for Canadian skateboarding, which we hope the community here will rally behind.”

Concrete’s Jeff Thorburn and The Board Press’s Mike Prangnell will stay on with the titles. For the official word from King, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Michael Jager And The Business Of Weed

by The Editors on April 17, 2015

JagerMichael Jager (pictured right) the creative design mind behind Burton Snowboards, and the legendary design firm JDK is now turning his considerable marketing muscle toward the business of legal weed in the State of Vermont.

He and five other CEO’s have have created the Vermont Cannabis Collaborative, according to story on Seven Days VT. What is this collaboration intending to do?

A dream team of six seasoned CEOs — almost all of them old enough to join AARP — is trying to figure out how their alternative business philosophy could be applied to commercial cannabis. Vermont lawmakers appear poised to legalize recreational use as soon as next year, in which case there will be plenty of money to be made. The RAND Corporation estimated earlier this year that Vermonters bought between $125 million and $225 million in marijuana on the black market in 2014.

That’s right. They’re hoping to cash in on Vermont’s newest legalized vice. But, you know, do it the “Vermont way.” Which reminds us: pot smokers always have made us laugh.

[Link: Seven Days VT]


Eternal Board Shop Closes Up

by The Editors on April 3, 2015

Eternal-Maiden-Blk-300Eternal Board Shop owner Mike Dunn announced today (April 3, 2015) that after 21 years in business in Sparks, Nevada he’s shutting down, according to a story on KOLOtv.

It used to be pretty popular spot. One of the few locally owned places to get outfitted for winter. . . “The small snow and skateboard shop is maybe a things of the past, maybe a dying breed,” said Mike Dunn, Owner of Eternal Board Shop. “It’s just the lack of snow, mostly on the whole west coast is the biggest reason this year.”

Sad to see another great shop go. It will be greatly missed! Reno shreds can help out by going in and buying something while the shop is still open. For the rest of the story, click the link.

[Link: KOLOtv]


Tom Jones: Nixon’s New VP Global Marketing

by The Editors on April 2, 2015


Nixon today (April 2, 2015) announced the promotion of Tom Jones as the new Vice President, Global Marketing and Creative. Previously he was creative director.

“We’ve been investing in our brand and expanding our marketing efforts over the past year, and Tom’s new role is part of creating greater capacity to support that” said Nick Stowe, Nixon’s CEO. “Tom has played a key role in elevating Nixon’s marketing and creative since he joined, and has the team’s confidence and support to take it to the next level.” Added DiNenna, “Partnering with Tom since he joined has been a great experience. As Nixon’s momentum builds we’re taking on a lot of new projects, and bringing together marketing and creative under Tom’s leadership allows me to focus on our expanding brand partnerships around the world. As a brand we’ve always strived to do what’s never been done before, and I’m looking forward to doing more together with the team.”

Prior to working at Nixon Jones held creative position at DC Shoes, Plan B Skateboards, and Dyrdek Enterprises. For the official word from Nixon, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Factory Media Officially Stops The Presses

by The Editors on March 30, 2015

Factory MediaWe tweeted it the other day (after reading about it on Yobeat.com). Everyone has been posting about it. But for your pleasure, the official explanation of why Factory Media has finally decided to go digital with most of its titles and stop wasting everyone’s time, money, and coffee table space with printed issues.

Darryl Newton, CEO of Factory Media, said: “The prospect of focusing wholly on the areas of our business that are experiencing unprecedented demand is both logical and incredibly exciting. Last year saw a leap of over 200% in our branded-­content production activities, with digital ad revenues up by 25%. Although moving on from our heritage as a magazine publisher is an emotional shift, it also represents a significant opportunity to create even more content for a significantly larger online audience without the barriers of accessibility and affordability.”

As we said in our tweet, the only reason they went as long as they did with print is because many misguided marketing people still have massive chubbers for paper and ink. Not sure why, but they do. Unfortunately for those who print magazine, those marketing people are slowly being phased out. And because of that many media companies are no longer interested in printing magazines that no one is reading. For the official word from Factory, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]