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Nick Woodman’s Wonderful Horrible Life

by The Editors on December 15, 2017

Inc. Magazine lays out the story of GoPro’s wild successes and failures in a rather sympathetic profile of founder Nick Woodman which begins with this sentence: Nick Woodman is crying.

After a decade of breakneck growth, GoPro held one of the most successful tech IPOs of 2014, which earned Woodman comparisons to Steve Jobs. But the past two years have been a cautionary tale: botched product rollouts, sweeping layoffs, a giant new initiative shuttered. The company was profitable each year following its bootstrapped launch, but it has lost money every quarter from the end of 2015 until the third quarter of 2017.

Though we’ve always appreciated Mr. Woodman’s ability to recklessly enjoy his successes, we’re not sure there are any major lesson’s to be learned here, however, that didn’t stop him from lining up some life tips. Jump to the end of the story if you don’t have time for the rest.

[Link: Inc.]

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Eric Dressen Joins Merge4

by The Editors on December 6, 2017

MERGE4 is proud and stoked to announce the addition of skateboarding legend Eric Dressen to their family of collaborators creating art-driven socks for countless happy feet around the world.

“Eric Dressen is a ‘Skate Lifer,’ and his skating has been blowing minds throughout his entire skate career,” says Jef Hartsel. “In fact, when I first got to meet him after moving to Venice in the 80’s, I remember being extra stoked inside because I’d known of Eric for many years prior from seeing him in his “Who’s Hot” feature in Skateboarder Magazine when I first started skating back in the 70’s. He was still only 10 years young then, and already riding for Logan Earth Ski, the same skateboard company that sponsored and helped to launch Tony Alva’s skate career during his early years after first turning pro.”

For the official word from Merge4, please follow the jump.

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Drink Coffee Do Stuff Opens In Truckee

by The Editors on December 5, 2017

Man about shred Nick Visconti (former Tahoe Dangerzoner) has launched a coffee roasting company in Truckee, California called Drink Coffee Do Stuff.

“For many reasons snowboarding and roasting coffee are similar; more importantly, they both require style, Visconti says. “I am proud of our coffees; they are an actualization of my five-year journey as a coffee roaster, and perfectly highlight their origin characteristic with unforgettable sweetness. DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF is committed to creating four season jobs for four season residents, and contributing to a local economic and employment strategy where money made in Truckee/North Tahoe is spent in Truckee/North Tahoe.” 

Don’t live in the Tahoe basin? No worries you can still order up all the goods online. Follow the jump for the official word.

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Patagonia Responds To Trump

by The Editors on December 4, 2017

In response to President Trump’s historic plundering of America’s protected public lands, Patagonia has this to say:

Americans have overwhelmingly spoken out against the Trump Administration’s unprecedented attempt to shut down our national monuments. The Administration’s unlawful actions betray our shared responsibility to protect iconic places for future generations and represent the largest elimination of protected land in American history. We’ve fought to protect these places since we were founded and now we’ll continue that fight in the courts. – Rose Marcario, President and CEO, Patagonia

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Quiksilver Makes $1 Offer For Billabong

by The Editors on November 30, 2017

Good lord, it’s finally happening. Today, December 1, 2017 Boardriders Inc. has made an offer to acquire all of the shares in Billabong at a price of $1 cash per share. 

Billabong International Limited (Billabong) (ASX: BBG) confirms that it has received a confidential, indicative and non-binding proposal from Boardriders, Inc. (Boardriders) to acquire all of the shares in Billabong, other than those already owned by Boardriders’ related entities, at a price of $1.00 cash per share, via a scheme of arrangement (the Indicative Proposal). Funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.(Oaktree) have a majority interest in Boardriders. Oaktree, through controlled entities, already holds 19% of the shares in Billabong and is one of Billabong’s two senior lenders.

The idea has been batting around since October 14, 2015 and it looks like the timing is finally right. This still has to pass a unanimous recommendation from the Billabong Board (among other things) but really, what other option do they have? For the official press release from Billabong, please follow the jump.

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HUF Nabs $63 Million In Sale

by The Editors on November 28, 2017

 The owners of the skateboard brand HUF have reportedly sold off 90 percent of the brand to the Japan based TSI Holdings Co Ltd for $63 million, according to a story on Reuters.

TSI Holdings Co Ltd says it plans to acquire 90 percent stake in U.S.-based firm HUF Holdings, LLC (target firm) on Dec. 14, at the price of $63 million

According to a press release (which is in Japanese) Keith Hufnagel currently owns 15 percent of HUF, while Altamont Capital Partners owns 57.7 percent with Jai Baek and Joanne Baek owning 17.5 and 7.5 respectively.

[Link: Reuters]


Merge4 Opens Flagship Store In Santa Barbara

by The Editors on November 25, 2017

Merge4, makers of quality-driven, comfortable, durable, modern socks, has opened their flagship retail store on State Street in the heart of Santa Barbara, California.

Across from the Metro Theater and surrounded by Volcom, Vans, Urban Outfitters and Billabong: 623.5 State Street is where the entire MERGE4 collection is on display for inspection and selection: 2,000 square feet of graphic socks – the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or Festivus: “Visually artistic socks, featuring some of the best their industry has to offer,” said MERGE4 founder Cindi Ferreira-Busenhart.

For the official word from Merge4, please follow the jump.

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Aaron Favero Joins Merge4

by The Editors on November 3, 2017

Merge4 is proud to welcome Aaron Favero as the company’s director of sales and marketing. Aaron will be responsible for “building the brand, growing distribution and stoking out the feet of people from sea to shining sea and beyond.”

“Aaron has a proven record of facilitating long-term business relationships with retailers and industry experts,” says Merge4 Founder Cindi Ferreira Busenhart.  “His attitude and personality are perfect fits with all of us at MERGE4. Having Aaron on our team will only enhance our goals to provide quality, innovative socks to the marketplace with dedication to the customers and community. I’m so grateful we can finally work together!”

For the official word from Merge4, please follow the jump.

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Kering Selling Puma? What About V-co?

by The Editors on November 1, 2017

If Kering, the parent company of Gucci and Volcom, believes that Puma is a “noncore asset” and is looking to sell the German footwear company for $7 Billion (according to Challenges via Hypebeast) so it can focus more on “luxury,” what does this mean for VeeCo? Seeing as Kering’s Sport & Lifestyle division is made up of Puma, Volcom, and Cobra Golf who knows what’s ahead.

The big question: how long will it be before Kering sells Volcom back to Wooly at a hugely discounted price? Will it be soon? We hope so.

[Link: Hypebeast]

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Billabong Looking To Buy Rip Curl

by The Editors on October 30, 2017

Maybe someone who understands how business works can explain why Billabong, the company that ran itself onto the rocks after paying way to much for way too many smaller companies would now, after beginning to claw their way back to open ocean, look at picking up Rip Curl, and an online retailer (Surfstitch) which they have already bought and sold once, according to a story in The Australian.

Anyone have any theories? Increased sales? Independent online retail looking up? Eliminate a competitor? Give money to their friends and former business associates?

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