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Shaun White Makes It Three

by The Editors on February 13, 2018

That was pretty emotional wasn’t it? Shaun White does the seemingly impossible and in the final run of his final Winter Olympics and comes from second place to snatch gold from the fingers of Japan’s Ayumu Hirano. And puts the Americans in the four for four gold medal position in snowboarding. All we got left is Big Air, Snowboardcross and Parallel GS. Not sure we have much of a chance for Gold in any of them.


It’s A Full Media Shaun WhiteOut

by The Editors on February 8, 2018

Here are just a few of the Shaun White stories that are spinning ’round the Interwebs today. Enjoy #ShaunWhiteOut

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Photos: Shaun White through the years

Bruised, not beaten, White back for another shot at gold

Scotty James fears losing Olympic gold to Shaun White‘s reputation


Shaun White Reads His Life Story

by The Editors on February 6, 2018

Ever wondered just how Shaun White transformed himself from a cute little snowboard kid sessioning the Encinitas YMCA miniramp everyday into a resort-owning, rock and rolling business titan with Olympic and ESPN gold medals swinging from his neck? Well, this fall Mr. White will tell it all in his own words and with his own voice as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt releases his as-yet-untitled memoir on Here’s their pitch:

The memoir will be a radical playbook on how to become a champion. A 3-time Olympian and repeat gold-medalist, and winner of an unprecedented 23 X-Games medals, Shaun White has been a fighter and a pioneer throughout his life, overcoming a congenital heart defect, periodic bouts of depression, and an establishment that didn’t take his sport seriously—until he became a legend and a leader whom everyone had to follow. It will be co-written with Neil Strauss, New York Times bestselling author of The Game.

Why shouldn’t Shaun’s memoir be written by the same guy who wrote the book on pick-up artists and Marilyn Manson’s autobiography, and Jenna Jameson’s How To Make Love Like a Porn Star). Oh, we’re looking forward to this one. For all the official details, please follow the jump.

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Shaun White Knows The Time

by The Editors on February 1, 2018

Shaun White will apparently be featured in advertising for Omega watches during the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.

White, a two-time gold medallist, is making his fourth appearance in the Olympic Winter Games. He’ll be featured in Omega’s print and digital advertising campaign in the United States. The first advertisements will appear on February 1st and run concurrently to the television commercials.

We’re guessing nothing makes an athlete feel better than seeing an eight-year-old photo of themselves up all over the place.  Nice work Omega. Then again these ads are coming from a Swiss company that hasn’t fundamentally updated their technology in over 100 years, so to them eight years is probably like yesterday.


Shaun White & US Olympic Snowboard Team

by The Editors on January 24, 2018

We’re still trying to get up to speed with Olympic Shaun White fever. Not feeling it just yet, but we’re sure by next week we’ll be deep in the Shaun White hype. In the meantime here is everything you need to know about Shaun White and the 2018 US Olympic Snowboard Team which you may not have realized includes Shaun White:


Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle/Big Air
Chris Corning, Silverthorne, Colo. (9/07/1999)
Redmond Gerard, Silverthorne, Colo. (6/29/2000)
Kyle Mack, West Bloomfield, Mich. (7/06/1997)
Ryan Stassel, Anchorage, Alaska (10/23/1992) *

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle/Big Air
Jamie Anderson, South Lake Tahoe, Calif. (9/13/1990) *
Jessika Jenson, Rigby, Idaho (8/07/1991)
Julia Marino, Westport, Conn. (9/11/1997)
Hailey Langland, San Clemente, Calif. (8/02/2000)

Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe
Ben Ferguson, Bend, Ore. (1/21/1995)
Chase Josey, Hailey, Idaho (3/31/1995)
Jake Pates, Eagle, Colo. (7/30/1998)
Shaun White, Carlsbad, Calif. (9/3/1986) *

Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe
Kelly Clark, Mt. Snow, Vt. (7/26/1983) *
Arielle Gold, Steamboat Springs, Colo. (5/04/1996) *
Chloe Kim, Torrance, Calif. (4/23/2000)
Maddie Mastro, Wrightwood, Calif. (2/22/2000)

For all the other Shaun White details (including Snowboard Cross and Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Teams), please follow the Shaun White jump.

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Shaun White Something Something

by The Editors on January 16, 2018

Someone told us if we looked very intently at the above photo of Sarah Barthel we would eventually see Shaun White. We’ve tried several times, and . . . nope . . . still nothing!


Shaun White Joins The Ladies Of The Canyon

by The Editors on December 11, 2017

It is being reported that Shaun White (who was recently selling most of his homes) has purchased half of a “micro-compound” tucked into Laurel Canyon and formerly owned by “celebrated film, television and Broadway composer and lyricist Marc Shaiman“, according to story in Variety.

. . . property records show a corporate entity linked to two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White purchased a 50% undivided interest in the property. Unconfirmed scuttlebutt on the celebrity real estate street is the other half interest was acquired, via blind trust, by the ginger-haired snowboarder’s fashion-savvy musician girlfriend Sarah Barthel, one half of the electro-pop duo Phantogram.

The place reportedly features a “total of 4,304-square-feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 full and 2 half bathrooms divided between two residences and a soundproofed recording studio.”  Sounds like Mr. White is finally settling down in what looks to be an epic, peaceful spot within striking distance of Hollywood. Nice.



Shaun White Is 31 Years Old

by The Editors on October 24, 2017

Remember that one day when it seemed your great grandma’s car began collecting dings and scratches almost over night? “What happened here,” you’d ask. And great nana would say “Oh, that was when I was in getting groceries. I came out and the car was dinged. Someone must have backed into me.” The next week it was a scrape down the passenger side, or a smashed front headlight. “I don’t know, honey. People are just driving terribly these days.” Eventually, great nana had to leave her car in the garage and let someone else do the driving. But that was okay. You still got to see her all the time, but you didn’t have to worry about her being out on the road.

Sorry for that closeout wave of nostalgia. So, what were we talking about?


Shaun White Flips Into Hospital

by The Editors on September 5, 2017


Shaun White Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

by The Editors on May 17, 2017

Shaun White and former Bad Things drummer Lena Zawaideh have finally settled their differences without going to court according to a story in USA Today.

Zawaideh first sued White and his company in May 2016, alleging breach of contract for lack of payment of her $3,750 monthly retainer from September 2013 until August 2014. The original lawsuit didn’t contain any sexual harassment allegations. . . She then switched attorneys and filed an amended complaint in August that added the sexual harassment claims in detail with screen shots of alleged text messages from White attached as exhibits. It sought punitive and compensatory damages, including lost wages.

When the suit was filed last August, Shaun said he would defend against the charges  “vigorously in court,” apparently, he changed his mind. No details were released on exactly what the settlement was, but we’re guessing Zawaideh got money in exchange for dropping her case. Isn’t that how it usually works?

[Link: USA Today]