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Sal Masekela’s New Mobile How-To Pitch

by The Editors on February 8, 2011

Sal Masekela talks TSO from TSO STUDIOS on Vimeo.

We know Sal Masekela hasn’t been spending all his post Daily 10 free time riding pow and surfing. He’s been busy doing some networking according to news released today. Apparently, ROAR the “Beverly Hills based talent agency” which represents Masekela has put him together with TSO Studios to help the company promote it’s line of “action sports how-to videos.”

Masekela also announced that TSO has added skateboarding icon and 3-time X Games Gold medalist Paul Rodriguez to their rapidly expanding roster of athletes. “We’re setting the bar as high as we can by signing athletes like P Rod. Riders that aren’t just the best in the world, but that also really want to give hands-on, personal instruction to help riders at all levels progress,” said Masekela. TSO and ROAR, a Beverly Hills based talent and brand management company that represents both Masekela and TSO, are aggressively pursuing world class talent to join Rodriguez on the TSO team in everything from skateboarding and snowboarding to surfing, motocross, and BMX.

Guess that’s what announcers do, they announce. Whether it’s events, TV shows, or new mobile apps. Follow the jump for more. [click to continue…]


Sal Masekela x Kelly Slater: The Interview

by The Editors on November 24, 2010

Kelly-600Sal Masekela has kicked down the most personal, insightful interview with Kelly Slater we will probably ever hear. Sal takes Kelly through all the questions we’ve all had (and more) for the 10x ASP World Champion.

The two cover thoughts on contest pressure, mindset going into his 10th title win, Andy Irons, Kalani, the future and much, much, more.

Anyone who has ever had a question for or about Kelly Slater, or even casually wondered what the life of a pro board sports athlete is like, take a half hour, sit down in a quiet place, and listen to this. It’s that good.

[Link: Transworld Surf]


Sal Masekela In South Africa

by The Editors on July 1, 2010

Thumbnail.Aspx.HtmlWe’ve been following Sal’s Twitter feed and know he is in South Africa, but being neither soccer fans nor TV viewers we didn’t really know what he was doing there. Thankfully, the South Africa’s Sowetan has filled us in a little.

Sal Masekela, son of legendary jazz legend Hugh Masekela, is in the country on assignment for his employers – American sports broadcaster ESPN. . . . His gig covers off-beat stories about South Africa – from profiling Bafana captain Aaron Mokoena and exploring grassroots soccer to the impact of HIV-Aids. . . But probably his most prized project is a 10-part documentary series with his equally famous father Hugh. . . Together they explore the people, culture and inspiring landscapes of South Africa. The older Masekela relives memories of growing up under apartheid. This is the first time they have collaborated on a major project.

Guess that explains it. . .

[Link: Sowetan]


Sal Masekela Plays On Dream Team

by The Editors on November 5, 2008

Sal MasekelaThe Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is hosting the first ever Dream Team Poker Tournament starting Saturday, November 8 and guess who’s playing?

Sal Masekela, who hosts the “Daily 10” on television network E!, will take the field on the same team as “The Hills” personality Holly Montag, sister of main character Heidi.

We don’t even know if our favorite entertainment host can even play poker? By the way he rolls we’re going to have to say, yeah. But on a team with Holly Montag? Sounds more like a nightmare team to us.

[Link: Poker News Daily]


Sal Masekela Is Just Incredible

by The Editors on August 28, 2008

Sal-1The Daily 10 host Debbie Matenopoulos was recently profiled in The Times of South Africa and in the interview she was asked what she thinks about her co-host Sal Masekela. Here’s what she had to say:

. . . he is one of the most incredible, soft-spoken guys she has met, qualities which come from the days when he toured with his father, Hugh Masekela, for whom she has tremendous respect. “We have a lot of fun and he’s talented,” said Matenopoulos.

Can’t say we’d argue with her over much of anything, especially Sal.

[Link: The Times]


The Action Sports Announcing Life With Sal

by The Editors on January 17, 2019

Sal Masekela has come a long way since we first met him in the water at our home break. He was paddling out we were coming at him on a wave. And he started laughing his deep, infectious chuckle, “That’s the slowest I’ve ever seen anyone surf in my life.” We took it as a compliment. Then, he reappeared as receptionist at Transworld Media, then singing karaoke at an industry conference. Next thing we knew he was the voice of action sports. And he was exactly what mainstream action sports coverage needed — a surfer/snowboarder who could think, talk, and hold a mic all at the same time.

Outside Magazine just posted the official Selma story written by David Shultz. It’s titled Unlikely Preacher of Action Sports and it goes a little more like this:

Sal Masekela steps off a helicopter onto the white sands of Tavarua Island Resort, a tiny speck in the Fiji archipelago, and walks into a gorgeous open-air restaurant that overlooks a world-famous reef break appropriately dubbed Restaurants. He greets the Fijian staff by name, hugging them, asking them about their lives since his last visit.

Damn. Still a baller after all these years. For the rest of the celebrity profile/career reset piece please, by all means, click the link.

[Link: Outside Magazine]


Masekela Family Feature Film On The Way

by The Editors on August 17, 2012

Olympus-Movie  120816230811-E1345158546829-275X226The story of Sal Masekela’s relationship with his musician father Hugh could be hitting the big screen in a feature film from Olympic Pictures and Paul Haggis, according to a story on

South African filmmaker Mukunda Michael Dewil has been hired to write and direct the film. The project follows a son emerging out of the shadow of his successful but troubled father set against a backdrop of music, surfing, and South Africa’s racism. The untitled Masekela project will be produced by Leslie Urdang and Dean Vanech of Olympus Pictures, Haggis and Michael Nozik of Hwy 61 Films, and Selema Masekela.

We’re looking forward to this one if only to see the Hollywood version of Sal’s autobiography.

[Link: Deadline]


Alekesam: The Masekela Story

by The Editors on April 16, 2012

Check out the trailer for the powerful film Alekesam that explores the life of musician Hugh Masekela and his relationship to his son, action sports announcer, Sal Masekela. As director Jason Bergh says:

It began as a simple, four minute promo for my dear friend Sal Masekela’s new album, and emerged as the greatest project of my career, and the most important story I have ever told. The world has known Sal Masekela as the face of action sports for more than fifteen years. But they have not known the man behind the name, Selema Mabena Masekela, whose last name represents not only worldwide musical success and fame, but personal and political struggle.

We’re looking forward to seeing this one.

[Link: Alekesam The Movie]


Sal & Stephanie Go Shopping

by The Editors on August 23, 2010

Stephanie-PrattFirst, Sal Masekela tweets about sitting next to Stephanie Pratt on a Southwest flight and the next thing we know the pair is out shopping on Robertson Boulevard, according to Gossip Center. Maybe Sal has access to one of Stephanie’s brothers latest videos. . .

She’s always up for a good time and Saturday (August 21) Stephanie Pratt was spotted at the 2010 Miss Malibu Pageant. . . The day before, Miss Pratt was out on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles with television presenter Sal Masekela for some retail therapy.

Yeah, Nixon.

[Link: Gossip Center]


Sal Raises $80,000 For Stoked Mentoring

by The Editors on November 5, 2009

1257455579 Sal-290Our favorite E Television announcer Sal Masekela may not have kicked Diddy’s hiney (or bettered Oprah’s 1994 time of 4:29:20), but he did finish all 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon and in so doing ended up raising $80,000 for Stoked Mentoring, according to a story on

“One hundred percent of the money I raised will go to,” Masekela told before the race. After crossing the finish line, Masekela Tweeted: “Well Tweeps, I let you down. Didn’t beat @iamdiddy. Hit a wall from hell at 18. Finished around 5 hrs. Hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

To beat Diddy he needed to be under 4:15. But no matter. He finished and Stoked Mentoring wins big.

[Link: Us Magazine]