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Nyjah Huston’s Kapernick Nike Ad

by The Editors on September 6, 2018

Yes, Nike goes straight to the emotions with their new Dream Crazy commercial narrated by Colin Kapernick, but they kick off the ad with Nyjah Huston. It’s now cliche when the Swoosh jumps in and opportunistically commodifies politics (they’re just shoes), but it will offer up more eyes on skateboarding than anything this side of the Tokyo Olympics.


Nyjah Huston Profiled In LA Weekly

by The Editors on March 8, 2018

With Nyjah Huston’s ‘Til Death seared into our retinas we were reminded of how strange his trip really has been thanks to a profile by Lily Moayeri in LA Weekly.

In an interview, Huston is prepared for personal questions. His responses are tailored and efficient, his tone practiced and final, not inviting further questioning into such subjects as his father, his partying, his haters. He gives a nervous sniff at the end of each of his responses.

The profile covers all that and more, but we’ll let you read it yerself.

[Link: LA Weekly]


Nyjah Huston Wins SLS In Barcelona

by The Editors on May 22, 2017

The 2017 Street League Skateboarding season kicked off last weekend in Barcelona, Spain with the third annual SLS Nike SB Pro Open and in no real surprise Nyjah Huston edged Shane O’Neill to take the title.

Hitting all obstacles on the course, Nike SB Pro Nyjah Huston was performing as stong as ever, earning a score of 8.7 with a Backside 5.0 Grind along the round flat bar and into the small quarterpipe, a 360 Flip over the wedge gap, a Kickflip Backside Disaster on the quarterpipe, a Nosegrind Revert along the round flat bar and back to a Crooked Grind along the same, a Backside 180 Nosegrind on the volcano ledge, a perfect Backside 360 Kickflip over the wedge gap, and a Switch Nollie Nosegrind down the handrail.

In other news, Yuto Horigome and Dashawn Jordan are now on the 2017 SLS Nike SB World Tour. Congrats to Dashawn, he’s been hard at it for awhile now. For all the details on Barcelona as well as news and dates for the rest of the tour, please follow the jump.

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Nyjah Huston Keeps Winning At SLS

by The Editors on May 18, 2015

Nyjah Barca
Nyjah Huston continued his seemingly unstoppable winning ways at the SLS Nike SB Pro Barcelona over the weekend. Yeah, Nyjah.

“I always tend to put myself in the most challenging situations when it comes to winning Street League finals. This was one of the gnarliest, most nerve racking situations I’ve ever been in, and was especially tough since it came down to the last try after I missed a few times,” Huston said. “I’m really stoked it worked out in the end – great way to start off the season”

For the official word from one of his sponsors, including full results, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Nyjah Huston’s Auto Bling Ring

by The Editors on March 24, 2014

Nothing screams success louder than a stable of expensive cars. And Nyjah Huston has apparently invested well in rolling stock. Here is an outtake from his recent photo shoot form Dub Magazine. Make of it what you will.


CCS Licenses Nyjah Huston

by The Editors on January 2, 2014

CCS, the mailorder action fashion company, has announced that they have now purchased the right to use Street League skateboarding wizard Nyjah Huston in their promotional/advertising activities. Mr. Huston will hopefully be handsomely rewarded in this transaction as he needs more fuel for his Audi. For the official word from CCS, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Nyjah Huston’s BS 270 Kickflip Lipslide

by The Editors on September 27, 2013

Nyjah Huston puts down a backside 270 kickflip lipslide during practice in South Africa at the Maloof’s remaining skateboarding contest sponsored by Kumba Iron Ore mining.

[Editors’ Note: element’s Rob Brink pointed out that this is not a BS lipslide. It’s just a BS 270 Flip Lipslide. The post has been corrected to reflect the proper nomenclature.]


Shocker: Nyjah Huston Street League Champ

by The Editors on August 26, 2012

Nyjah Champ Image-2

We all figured this would happen and it did. Nyjah Huston took the 2012 Street League Championships over Chris Cole and Chaz Ortiz and rolled away with $200,000 more. Guess the only one surprised about the win was Nyjah.

“I definitely was not expecting to win, because when you expect to win, you lose” said 2012 Street League Champion Nyjah Huston. “All of the guy skilled it so hard today. You have to land your tricks on the spot. The pressure is on. But there is no better competition ground than Street League, we always bring our best for SLS and Rob Dyrdek.”

Follow the jump for the official word and full championship and 2012 season results. [click to continue…]


Rob Dydek Interviews Nyjah Huston

by The Editors on July 27, 2012

A continuation of the Street League Firsts series Rob Dyrdek talks to Nyjah Huston about a few of his firsts.

[Link: Street League]


Florence Bros & Nyjah Huston On Stance

by The Editors on June 8, 2012

Florence Stance

The Florence Brothers (2 John, Nathan, and Ivan) and Nyjah Huston have joined the Stance socks program.

“We’re humbled and proud that these guys have decided to be a part of our family. John John and Nyjah seemingly mirror each other in their young competition dominance and credibility as well rounded individuals that truly love what they do.” stated VP of Marketing, Ryan Kingman.

Foot covers are good. Follow the jump for the official word. [click to continue…]