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Secret Hannah Teter Tape Leaked

by The Editors on September 3, 2018

The leaked Hannah Teter video everyone isn’t talking about is right here for your prurient perusal. (For the second time in eight years, but who’s counting.)


Hannah Teter’s SI Swim Video

by The Editors on February 9, 2010

Okay, we’re not going to lie. . . this whole thing is kind of weirding us out. But as Hannah says, “It’s fun to be sexy.” Guess all this sexiness will help Hannah make more money for her village in Africa.


Hannah Teter In SI Swim Issue: Good Lord. . .

by The Editors on February 9, 2010


After a morning session of lovemaking with her Burton Snowboard Hannah Teter loves nothing better than to lay in bed in the soft light and nibble raspberries and dream of Olympic gold. . . or something like that.

For 44 more photos and even video of Hannah all sexied up with next to nothing on, click the link.


[Link: Sports Illustrated]


Hannah Teter On Jimmy Fallon

by The Editors on December 23, 2009

Yep, as Hannah Teter said last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: “gotta defend.” To answer a common Hannah Teter question: No, she’s pretty much always like that. We’re kind of bummed Tom Arnold didn’t try to kiss her. . . maybe next time.



We All Scream For Hannah Teter

by The Editors on November 20, 2009

New Picture (12)-ThumbLick it up, lick it up. . . Yes, Olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter now has her own Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor and it’s call Blonde Ambition Maple Blondie.

The first flavor created for an athlete, Maple Blondie is a rich and creamy maple ice cream with blonde brownie pieces and a smooth maple caramel swirl that will be arriving in Scoop Shops nationwide later this month. Channeling the company’s commitment to social mission, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Hannah’s Gold, Teter’s own charity that funds various projects in Africa.

Sounds pretty tasty. Not surprisingly Hannah is “amped.” “It’s great to have support from my home state, and a cool way to further support Hannah’s Gold and all the work we’re doing in Kirindon, Kenya,” she said.

Follow the jump for all the details.
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Hannah Teter Saves The Seals

by The Editors on November 2, 2009

Hannah Teter steps up for PETA to save the seals because she can’t believe this kind of thing is still happening out there.

[Link: via Rutland Herald]

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Hannah Teter’s Shoulder Tweak

by The Editors on March 15, 2009

Borealgp09-64-Tm.JpgHannah Teter dislocated her shoulder during practice for the US Snowboarding Grand Prix at Killington, Vermont, according to a story in USA Today.

Teter was practicing for a qualifying event at Killington Ski Area on Friday when she fell on a jump in the 22-foot halfpipe and came up grabbing her right shoulder. She rode to the end of the pipe and was met by a trainer who led her down the mountain.

She says she’ll be back in time for next weekend’s US Open of Snowboarding at Stratton Mountain.

[Link: USA Today]


The Africans In Hannah Teter’s Pocket

by The Editors on January 4, 2009

Large TeterOlympic gold medalist Hannah Teter is hoping to raise $100,000 for an African village see visited on a family trip last summer, according to a story on

Hannah has set the goal of raising $100,000 for Kirindon in 2009, an amount that goes a lot further in Africa than it would in America in part because everything — labor, raw materials — is cheaper. Some of the money comes from selling syrup and some from donations made via her Web site, . . . I just wanted to snowboard for a higher cause,” she said. “The competition can get repetitive and a little bit old, especially when you’ve been doing it for seven years. I kinda wanted a new ambition, to really want to do well all the time and do it for a reason.”

As a reminder Hannah rides with photos of children from the village. Sing along. . . We are the world. . .and next time you see Hannah ask her if you can see the Africans in her pocket.

[Link: Cleveland]


Hannah Fo Fannah Banana Hula Hoopah

by The Editors on October 14, 2010

. . . and if the whole snowboard thing doesn’t pan out for Hannah Teter she can always perform with Cirque du Soleil. . . or something.

[Link: The Liftline]


US Grand Prix: Bleiler Leads, Teter Leaves

by The Editors on December 11, 2009

Grandprix LogoThe Gretchen Bleiler/Hannah Teter showdown we were kind of hoping for didn’t go down yesterday during women’s qualifiers as Hannah Teter pulled out of the US Grand Prix at Copper Mountain haflpipe due to an injury to her shoulder.

That didn’t stop Bleiler from dominating qualifiers edging Kelly Clark by 1.4 points.

“I had a really good run today. I’m feeling confident, I had a lot of fun and I am excited for finals on Saturday!” Bleiler said.

Today the men’s qualifiers are on. Follow the jump for the entire USSA press release.
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