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ESPN Dumps the X Games On a Billionaire

by The Editors on October 26, 2022

After decades of spending money on their action sporting franchise, ESPN has finally found an exit to the X Games by selling “a majority interest” in the brand to a private equity firm called MSP Sports Capital (owners of McLaren Racing and more.)

“We are bringing our deep-rooted sports expertise to continue the progression and excitement around athletes, competition, fans, and X Games partners,” said Jahm Najafi, Founder and Chairman, MSP Sports Capital, and Founder and CEO, The Najafi Companies.

MSP founder Jahm Najafi, a billionaire who (aside from owning a large piece of the Phoenix Suns basketball team and entertainment company STX Entertainment,) also has investment dealings through Najafi Companies with Shaun Neff. Remember his first brand Neff Headwear?

We’ve never understood the calculus behind PE/VCs interest in action sports. Rarely have the numbers worked for anyone (Jamie Salter is an obvious exception), yet the “sexiness” of boardsports seems to keep the money managers flocking like vultures. They’ve enlisted Tony Hawk as “a brand steward,” and that’s not a bad first move. But the only real synergy the X Games brand ever had was ESPN’s somewhat aging TV/Internet distribution system, so it will be interesting to see what MSP does with the brand outside of that. Najafi is obviously a business genius, so this should be good.

For the official word from MSP, please follow the jump.

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X Games 2015 Austin Results

by The Editors on June 8, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 At 12.17.36 Pm

We know how important the television network sponsored “games ” are to the athletes (hell, it’s Bob Burnquist’s whole year). So we’ve decided to provide this list of results for everyone’s easy perusal. As usual, we didn’t see a lick of the content and we know, we missed that great performance by the kid who was ruling it, but whatever. Follow the jump for the entire results breakdown. [click to continue…]


Win Passes To Austin X Games & Metallica

by Sponsored Post on May 26, 2015


The 2015 Austin X Games kick off next month and to celebrate (because you know how much we love the X Games) we have a pair of 3-Day admission tickets to the Games up for grabs including VIP access to the Metallica gig on Saturday night. Yes, VIP access to the show of the summer.

Skype is once again set to bring you closer than ever to the athletes and sports during the Games. Consider it your backstage pass to all the action. Get insider tips from athletes Curren Caples, Jamie Bestwick & Shane O’Neill during group chats on Skype. Then submit your own tricks to not only be viewed by the guys but potentially aired during The Xtra Show on ESPN! Add XGames2015 on Skype to find out more.

We have a pair of 3-Day admission tickets to the Games to give away thanks to Skype. These tickets will give you and a friend a full pass three days of X Games action as well as a VIP upgrade on Saturday night. In conjunction with an admission wristband you get reserved viewing of live music at Infield Super Stage, Skateboard Park / Street Womens and Ams, Rally Car, Moto X Speed & Style and BMX Big Air. Access to the air conditioned Velocity Lounge with hospitality, and restrooms. You also receive a voucher to exchange at COTA for commemorative X Games Austin 2015 skate deck.

To enter, simply add XGames2015 on Skype and then send a message with the words “I want to win Metallica tickets” along with “BoardistanVIP” and you’re in the draw. Too easy, right? Don’t miss out on any of the 2015 X Games Austin action! Follow #SkypeXGames and catch updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Competition closes Friday the 29th of May. Follow the jump for the official details, rules, and lawyer speak. Seriously, you won’t want to miss it. [click to continue…]


2015 X Games Slopestyle Results

by The Editors on January 26, 2015

It’s only the 2015 X Games, but Mark McMorris (and Sage Kotsenburg) finally got the scores they should have gotten in the 2014 Olympics. Yes, McMorris took the gold. Then again, we don’t know what we’re talking about because we didn’t watch the X Games. Oh, and Jamie Anderson didn’t win the women’s event. Silje Norendal edged her by a little over two points. For the full results. Follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Carving It Up At The Aspen X Games 2015

by Sponsored Post on January 23, 2015

Facebook Taylor

The X Games Aspen 2015 will be known for two things:

1. Amazingly skilled athletes who defy the laws of physics while shredding snow, air, and everything in-between. And…

2. Their intensely loyal fans who tune in to cheer and support their favorite X Games athletes.

For the fans in Aspen, getting an up-close view of the athletes on a course or hanging out in town is typical. For fans around the world, getting closer can be a little tougher. And that’s where Skype is helping to bring everyone closer together.

By teaming with X Games star athletes Gus Kenworthy, Sage Kotsenburg, and Taylor Gold, X Games fans are getting the chance to ask them questions one-on-one, through the power of Skype.

All you need to do is add XGames2015 as a contact on Skype for a chance to join in. Follow the jump to for all the details, and personal video invitations from Sage, Taylor, and Gus. [click to continue…]


Danny Davis’ Winning X Games Pipe Run

by The Editors on January 23, 2015


Danny Davis is still riding well. In fact, he won X Games Gold last night in Aspen with this run. Kind of reminds us of some of his runs from back in the day. For the complete Men’s X Games Superpipe Results, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


X Games Austin Results Round-Up

by The Editors on June 9, 2014

So it went down a little like this: Jimmy Wilkins won vert, Tom Schaar took Big Air, Pedro Barros grabbed the Park, and Nyja Huston (of course) and a ripping Lacey Baker took street. This edit shows how Nyjah did it up. For the rest of the final results, please follow the jump, or click here for all of the X Games Austin 2014 results.

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Winter X Games Aspen 2014 Full Results

by The Editors on January 27, 2014

Danny Davis did a wicked job of holding it down in the finals of the Winter X Pipe last night (Sunday, January 25, 2014) and slipped away with a well deserved gold medal. His first. Yes, Iouri Podladtchikov continually got underscored for not landing the YOLO flip, and it would have been more fun to see Shaun White in the mix, but aside from that it was a good show.

For a complete, compact, and easy to view compilation of snowboarding results from the X Games, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Louie Vito Mics Up For The X Games

by The Editors on January 23, 2014

Louie Spy Air1Louie Vito may not have made the 2013 US Olympic halfpipe team, but you think he’s going to crawl into his cave and cry about it? Not for a minute. Mr. Vito is out there making things happen with a freshly inked three-year co-hosting deal with both the summer and winter X Games.

“I have always been a huge supporter of X Games since I was a kid, so I was stoked at the opportunity to join the ESPN/X Games family,” said Louie Vito. “Being a competitor in the event, I look forward to bringing insight to the fans watching worldwide.” . . Performing in-air and on-air for the duration of X Games 18, Vito will commentate on multiple disciplines in addition to competing in Men’s Superpipe today (Thursday, January 23, 2014). A must-have during competition, Louie Vito will don his signature SPY Marshall snow goggles during the Men’s Superpipe event.

Not sure this is going to make us actually watch the X Games this time around, but at least there will be someone solid on the mic when we do. For the official word on Mr. Vito and to check out his Spy signature goggles, follow the jumpus, rumpus. [click to continue…]


ESPN Cuts Global X Games

by The Editors on October 3, 2013

X Game LogoThis didn’t take long. Seems like only yesterday we were saying how there was no reason for ESPN to expand their X Games into the global market because there is no global market for what they do. And now, according to a story on SportsBusiness International it appears they have finally agreed.

An ESPN statement read: “We are proud to have run world-class competitions for both the athletes and spectators; however, the overall economics of these events do not provide a sustainable future path. . . The company remains fully committed to the X Games brand and its full-scale competitions in Aspen, Colorado and Austin, Texas – its newest host city – and we will continue to distribute these premier events around the world.”

You don’t say. It was a nice try though, huh?

[Link: SportsBusiness International]

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