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Walker Ryan Because . . .

by The Editors on August 21, 2019

“There is no way you just stumble on to a skater like Walker Ryan,” someone once told us. Well, yes and no. Met him at the St. Helena skatepark way back, appreciated his style and demeanor (plus that scene in Little Children), and now just look at him rollin’ the streets of LA for Thrasher. My, my.


Walker Ryan’s Thunder Trucks

by The Editors on November 2, 2016

There was a time (a long time ago) when a certain industry head wondered why we backed Walker Ryan so hard. All we can say is watch this. . . pretty self explanatory now isn’t it?

[Link: Thunder Trucks]


Walker Ryan In Cuba Fidelity

by The Editors on May 1, 2014

Yes, we admit it — after watching the Walker Ryan and Michael Mackrodt edit from videographer Patrik Wallner, we’re thinking a trip to Cuba might just what we’re looking for.


Hace Que En México: Walker Ryan

by The Editors on April 25, 2014

Walker Ryan drops a few “Mexico City trip keepers and B-side footage” in an edit “with assistance from Tarantino’s Death Proof.” Damn, this guy just gets smoother by the part.


Skateline With Jaws, Walker Ryan, & Mike Mo

by The Editors on April 16, 2014

And with no further . . “Gary addresses the new Jaws part in Happy Medium 3, Mike Mo’s board control, P-Rod’s new Primitive Skateboards, and he finds a conspiracy within Walker Ryan’s footage in China.”


Who Knows? Walker Ryan Knows

by The Editors on April 15, 2014

Yes, we’ve been putting a few of these up lately, but here’s the straight truth: we’ll put up anything Walker Ryan produces. Always. Click the link and read the interview after you’re done watching this.

[Link: Thunder Trucks]


Walker Ryan’s Perpetual Remix

by The Editors on June 6, 2013

We never get tired of watching Walker Ryan skate, that’s why this remix of Walker’s Perpetual Motion part is that much better. It’s like peeping it for the first time all over again. Only different. Sort of. Either way it’s smooth like glass.

[Link: Transworld Skateboarding]


Walker Ryan & Jimmy Carlin On The Buzz

by The Editors on March 8, 2013

Walker Ryan talks acting in Little Children and losing his car keys. Carlin jumps in. Not enough? There’s more in Part 2. Follow the jump to watch it. [click to continue…]


Walker Ryan’s Thrasher Double Rock

by The Editors on June 20, 2012

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Thrasher Magazine says that Walker Ryan is “the best thing to come outta Napa Valley since Pinot Noir, Walker Ryan is an absolute stud on the stuntwood. Steady stompin’ nollie flips like grapes in a barrel…” Apparently, they are aware of the whole Napa Valley “wine thing.” And we thought they were all beer guys.

[Link: Thrasher]


Walker Ryan Offers Up UCSD Insights

by The Editors on April 20, 2012

Walker Ryan shares the word on college (UCSD’s 50 spots), professional skateboarding, and life in general. Watch it and learn. And get ready for part two, because this is only part one.