Greg Johnson And The Snowboard Industry

by The Editors on March 23, 2009

Gregjohnson.JpgGreg Johnson has been lurking around the back door of snowboard contests for more than 20 years with job titles ranging from judge to competition director of the US Open (his most recent gig). The Mountain News checks in with Johnson to get his views on the snowboard industry in the face of global economic collapse.

He said the snowboarding economy has been very strong the past few years, but has, like everything else, shown recent impacts from the global economic downturn. . . “This year snowboarding (competitions) took kind of a big hit, the Air & Style in Europe and the Vail (Honda) Session events didn’t happen based partly on economics,” Johnson said.

Greg is truly one of the nicest guys in snowboarding and we’re glad to see him getting a little coverage.

[Link: Mountain News]

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