Snowboard Brand Drops Street Promo Video

by The Editors on January 19, 2023

A popular snowboarding brand has just released a promotional video featuring a solid crew of young snowboarders hitting rails in scenic street locations.

The music is just right for the mood, the snowboarding is solid, and the dreamy establishing shots of pristine snow-covered villages about to be shredded by the crew are wistfully beautiful. The cinematography is also top notch, with all the proper angles. It is obvious that the filmmakers and snowboarders worked diligently on this project and for that they should be proud of their work.

We were so impressed with this work that we would joyfully bro-hug every one of the people involved with the production of this content if we could. Thanks for creating such a great addition to the snowboarding media landscape. We look forward to much more of the exact, same thing, over and over again as the season rolls on.

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Sean Coughlin January 19, 2023 at 4:25 pm


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