The N-Men: The Skaters Behind The Legend

by The Editors on August 28, 2013

Roger Folsom
Roger Folsom gets on it at Granite Skate Park. Photo: Paul Kitagaki/Bee

As the late 70s became the early 80s it was difficult to skate a pool in Northern California without hear tales of the N-Men. Whether it was their signature “N-Men” scrolled on a pool wall or an occasional glimpse of their founder Randy Katen drawing out long, fast lines at a local skate park, it was hard not to know of them. At the time, some younger Sacramento skaters even began calling themselves the “N-Punks” in tribute to the SacTown pool legends.

Sacramento Bee writer Chris Macias gets the N-Men straight story from Katen, Bryce Kanights, Thomas Bix, David Moorhouse, Marty Radan, and Jamie Hart in his story N-Men Skateboard Into the Sunset.

Over the decades, the N-Men have earned a reputation as one of Northern California’s pioneering skateboard crews, especially when it comes to skating in pools. In a sport that’s synonymous with youth culture, these elders command respect when they show up to a skate spot, even if they don’t roll the fastest, catch the most air or execute the latest tricks. . . They paid their dues back when skateboarding was dangerous, sometimes dodging the law or braving barbed-wire fencing that stood between them and a skate session.

The best news from the story is mention of a N-Men documentary on the way. Could be a while, but it will be worth the wait for certain. For the rest of the story click the link.

[Link: Sacramento Bee]

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