Elena Hight Rides Pipe Naked For ESPN

by The Editors on July 9, 2013

Elena Bbq

In the quest to keep their print magazine relevant ESPN: The Magazine is again rolling out their annual “athletes with no clothes on” Body Issue. Every year it seems they like to include a snowboarder or surfer and this year that snowboarder is little Elena Hight.

But did she pose in a shower? Or languish on a bear skin rug in front of a popping fire? Hell no! Elena dropped her duds and launched in on Northstar-at-Tahoe’s halfpipe. She also fired up the BBQ and proved she can cook it both ways. We’re not sure exactly what you’re seeing or not seeing in these photos, but it appears that she is snowboarding (and cooking and standing) and she is naked and nude (redundancy for Google ranking only). Follow the jump for the action shots.Elena Hight Naked-1
Screen Shot 2013-07-09 At 1.03.20 Pm
Kind of reminds us of an old Crystal Aldana ad. . . but you wouldn’t remember that one.

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