NZ Snowboarder Sentenced For Offensive Act

by The Editors on May 9, 2013

jaden_beangeNew Zealand snowboarder Jaden Beange, 18, has received a ‘deterrent sentence for a “cowardly and offensive” act’ after stealing a camera phone and posting topless photos he found on the phone on facebook, referring to the victim of the theft as “The Slut,” according to a story in The New Zealand Herald.

The teenager appeared in the Dunedin District Court on February 27, and Judge Michael Crosbie’s reserved judgement was released this week. . . In that judgement, Beange was convicted of three charges dating from the previous year: the theft of a Samsung mobile phone, doing an indecent act with intent to assault or offend, and drink-driving.

As part of the sentence Beange will have to pay the victim $2,000 and do 600 hours of community service, which, in light of recent facebook bullying suicides, is getting off pretty easy.

[Link: New Zealand Herald]

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