The Skateboarding Girl Scout Cookie Thief

by The Editors on March 5, 2013

Girl-Scout-SuspectAccording to police in Phelan, California, Colin Sawyer, 20, (pictured right) allegedly rolled on his skateboard by some Girl Scouts who were selling cookies out in front of a Stater Bros. market and snatched the girls’ bag of money, according to a story on

The girls were packing up after a day of cookie sales, and had left the money they earned in a bag on a table. . . According to police, a young man on a skateboard rode by and swiped the bag of money before fleeing. . . One of the Girl Scouts chased after the suspect, but fell and suffered minor scrapes.

Is there anything lower than stealing from the Girl Scout? Then again, maybe Sawyer just needed money to update that Special Blend hoodie.

[Link: KTLA]

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