LA Times: Snowboarding On The Fade

by The Editors on January 16, 2013

Now that skis are getting so easy to use the Los Angeles Times says many people are ditching snowboards, according to a business story titled Snowboarding craze cools as new designs make skiing easier.

Sales of snowboards and snowboard equipment have slipped 21% over the last four years, while sales of skis have climbed 3% in the same period, according to SnowSports Industries America, a trade group that tracks the $3.5-billion snow sports and apparel industry. . . Baby boomers aren’t the only ones bailing. Last season alpine skiing replaced snowboarding as the most popular snow sport among kids ages 6 to 17, according to the trade group.

We’re reminded of something crusty surfers are always overheard saying, “Fewer surfers means more waves for me.”

[Link: LA Times]

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