Steve Barilotti’s Rick Griffin Documentary

by The Editors on October 25, 2012

Surf journalist Steve Barilotti is working on a documentary on the life and times of seminal 60s psychedelic artist Rick Griffin (creator of the surf comic Murphy) and he needs your help on Kickstarter.

The Film: “Griffin” is a feature-length documentary that explores the art, life and eccentric spark of one of the world’s least known and most influential 20th Century surrealists. Over the time-warped span of the 1960’s, one-time teen cartoonist Rick Griffin created defining icons for three pillars of west coast counterculture: surfing, psychedelic rock and underground comix.

Barilotti has reach is original Kickstarter goal of $20,000 but there are three days left so you can still help him out with getting this project completed. Click the link for more info.

[Link: Kickstarter via Boing Boing]

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Peter Townend March 12, 2021 at 7:31 pm

My Don Meek has re-launched FUEL TV as a streaming service and they’re airing my ’80’s WAVE WATCH TV show and the Rick Griffin episode will air next month! Hope all good! The Mate!

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