Rebagliati Responds To Allegations

by The Editors on June 20, 2012

6487743.BinYesterday (June 19, 2012), several hours after we posted a link to a HQ Kelowna story (which has since been removed) covering the unseemly details of Olympic snowboard gold medalist Ross Rebagliati’s divorce proceedings (read about it here on, we got a email from lawyers representing Rebagliati. The lawyers, Lorne MacLean QC and his associate Ronak Yousefi of the MacLean Family Law Group, included an official statement from Rebagliati. Here it is:

Mr. Rebagliati will not litigate what is best for the parties’ son in the media. Rather, he will more appropriately continue to focus his energy on making sure that his son is not exposed to any danger or detriment. Mr. Rebagliati hopes that both parents will be child focused in this shared parenting case so that their son can grow up in a caring and nurturing environment free from parental conflict.

Mr. Rebagliati has steadfastly focused on ensuring the parties’ son’s emotional and physical health is protected and advanced in the best way possible and will continue to do so moving forward.

Lorne MacLean QC and Ronak Yousefi, Counsel for Mr. Rebagliati, have been successful in the past two child custody Court Orders. These Orders awarded and maintained a regime of 2 week on 2 week off shared child custody and parenting of their three year-old son.

Mr. Rebagliati looks forward to the BC Supreme Court determining the veracity of these allegations not the media.

Mr. Rebagliati is very concerned about the validity of the alleged test results and is making it a priority to get to the bottom of how his son could have tested positive for low levels of marijuana in or on his hair and the methodology and background to how this test was conducted. The existing Court Order requires both parents to authorize and approve any medical treatment and testing. This testing was conducted without any consultation with Mr. Rebagliati as required under the existing Court Orders nor was any Order made authorizing such testing.

Lorne MacLean QC notes that children do not forfeit the love and guidance of two caring and concerned parents merely because of marriage breakdown.

Can’t say we disagree with a single thing Rebagliati has said. Divorce sucks.


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