Florida Shooter Back At Work Driving A School Bus

by The Editors on September 27, 2010

A4S James092810 142057DWe’ve known that things are different in the state of Florida for years, but this pretty much blows everything else away.

Trevor Dooley, the 68-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed David James, 41, (pictured right) after the younger man stood up for some skateboarders who Dooley was reportedly harassing, was not only released immediately after being questioned by authorities, he was also allowed to go back to work Monday morning (get this) “driving a school bus loaded with kids,” according to a story on TampaBay.com.

Hillsborough schools spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said the Sheriff’s Office did not notify the school district of Dooley’s involvement in the shooting. . . “We didn’t know of any kind of allegations until we got a call from someone,” Cobbe said. “Then I talked to the transportation manager, but by then he was done with his route for the day.” . . . School Board member Candy Olson struggled to put her surprise into words. “He’s a school bus driver who drove — oh, my gosh,” she said. Olson said the Sheriff’s Office should have immediately contacted the district if it knew a bus driver had been involved in such an incident. “They certainly owe us the information that they have,” she said.

Guess if you’re old and living in Valrico, Florida you can pretty much do anything you want without many worries.

The school has reportedly “reassigned” Dooley for “his and the children’s safety.” Sounds like the school board should be running the local Sheriff’s department as well.

[Link: TampaBay.com]

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