Man Killed Defending Skateboarders

by The Editors on September 27, 2010

A4S Shooting092710 141941CDavid James, a 41-year-old father who was reportedly defending skateboarders against an irate neighbor was shot and killed while playing basketball with his 8-year-old daughter Sunday afternoon, September 26, 2010 in Valrico, Florida, according to story on Tampa

Neighbors say James, 41, was . . . telling a man who lives across the street there was no sign to prohibit them from skateboarding on the courts. . . “I see a sign,” the assailant replied as he pulled a gun, neighbors said. . . The suspect, though, had a reputation for nagging neighbors about loose dogs, and yelling and swearing at the skateboarders who like to set up ramps and rails on the community basketball court to practice their moves.

In an only-in-Florida twist the shooter was “questioned by detectives and the State Attorney’s Office and released.” How’s that?

[Link: Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay Online]

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