The Laseks Caught In Cancer Scam

by The Editors on January 27, 2010

CancerscamWhen Bucky Lasek’s wife’s high school classmate Dina Perouty Leone announced that she was dying of stomach cancer last year, Bucky and his wife Jennifer flew the woman out West for a get away. They took her to visit Disneyland, the ESPN Zone in LA and paid for everything. Now, Leone is up on theft and conspiracy charges, according to a story in the Baltimore Sun.

Leone sent out pictures of herself with a bald head, saying she had lost her hair to chemotherapy. Some of the women said she collected thousands of dollars from them, and that she was even treated to a trip to California for a “final” visit to Disneyland. . . It was all a scam, according to a Baltimore County grand jury, which indicted her in November for theft and conspiracy. Leone appeared last week in circuit court, where a judge set bail at $25,000, enabling her to leave the county detention center. . . “There was no physical evidence of her being treated for cancer, and no medical evidence,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Lippe, referring to the findings of a police search in September of the home she shares with her husband, Patrick Leone, on Glen Arbor Drive in Rosedale.

Few things are lower than trading on people’s goodwill.

[Link: Baltimore Sun]

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benny January 27, 2010 at 12:42 pm


Carl January 27, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Bottom feeder.

Kyd January 27, 2010 at 2:16 pm

What a fucking bitch? Scamming people out of money by saying you have cancer. People like her make me sick. My mother died of cancer in May of last year. It’s not a fucking joke. It is a serious illness.

the truth January 28, 2010 at 10:06 am

Not the first time she cried wolf that she was being abused.
Tried same stunt years ago and the judge called her a liar.
This is a matter of baltimore County Record

disgusted January 28, 2010 at 1:35 pm

She has been running this scam for 3 years. The Laseks were just her last stop –

she was anything but abused – the kicker is that he left her over the summer – if she was so scared of him why would she beg him to come back?

She’s disgusting. She isn’t sorry she did any of it – she’s sorry she got caught. I hope she chokes on her “BUCKET LIST” that everyone tried to make happen for her.

get a grip February 7, 2010 at 11:48 am

Get a grip- Patrick Leone has been beating his wife for over 18 years. Pics showed on fox 45 in Baltimore County showed a “few” of the pictures from when her husband tried to kill her in October. Their 16 year old daughter had to save her life.
History repeats its self for a battered women yes- but only because she feels he will in fact change. In this case it is my understanding that she may have lied for over four years to cover the abuse which only got worst. Why is it that she never asked for help or from family or friends prior???? Why is it that a women Jennifer Dawn Lynch-aka Dawn Huntcher of Baltimore County who claims she gave the money to the Leone’s as payment for their bills, and mind you from an account that her husband who she claims she was so happy to be married to ????? Did it ever accure to look into Mrs Lynch’s history and how she is listed in a Federal Court in Maryland for stealing over $89,000.00 in cell phones…..or that she has alot of public record judgements against her owing thousands of funds???? And why from what I understand would someone lock Patrick Leone in a car and make him take checks to pay his back payments on a car that he bought with funds he stole from his daughters fundraiser in 2008. Car Max can confirm that the week after getting over thousands he “needed” a new convertable and used those funds to pay for it….leaving Mrs Leone with the debt of the her daughters trip. The man abused her and never paid any bills according to bank statements gathered via the news. His car, game, boats, clothes, and lots of other things. How is it that a man can never pay any bills and need his wife to borrow money to pay his bills- as from what I have seen she has none other then those he makes her put in her name. He made her stop speaking to Mrs Lynch scared that she would tell her the truth about the abuse and her husband is a cop and he feared that he would go to jail. From what I gained she loved this girl and didn’t want to lose her as a friend. As for the Skateboard and his liar wife…. they are gaining attention since he isn’t much attention in his own life! You want the truth- start looking into public record better. Pat was discharged from the Navy from abuse…was put in jail and much more….ask him how he has so much money and pays no BILLS- NONE! WANT TO SEE MORE SEE MY NEW CAST TONIGHT!

notjustifiable February 22, 2010 at 1:28 pm

EVEN IF Pat was abusing her, does that give her the right to LIE and SCAM her friends over and over??????? EVEN IF Ms Lynch DID steal cellphones, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH DINA FAKING CANCER???…DINA HAS BEEN LYING TO HER FRIENDS SINCE SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL, EVEN BEFORE PAT CAME ALONG. AND How does that explain her mortgage FRAUD?…..AS far as Im concerned if PAT beat her then she deserved it. YOU DONT take advantage of good will of friends and steal homes from families.

If Pat beat her, does that mean its okay for her to lie to the Laseks to get a trip to California….

Apples and Oranges is what I say!

IHATELIaRS February 22, 2010 at 1:44 pm

Obviously the liar herself wrote the above statement or she had someone write it for her.I guess her daughter wants nothing to do with her because she saved her Mom’s life,NOT!!!!Her daughter wants nothing to do with her because her Mom is a liar and embarrassed her & her family.Everyone can see for themselves Dina’s past record.Unfortunately, most people know that battered women do not behave as if Dina has or has a personality as she does. At what point do people take responsibility for there actions? Furthermore the damage she did is much worse than her “supposed”abuse! She claimed to have cancer and hurt many of families that have lost loved one because of cancer and cancer patients all over the WORLD!KARMA is a bitch, if the law does not get her KARMA will!!!!I do not care how many times she may get saved there is not enough saving to save her!She will have to answer the the almighty god one day!

Dumbfounded February 22, 2010 at 4:44 pm

To whoever the “person ” is who calls themselves -Get a Grip . You honestly need to to SHut up! What she did was wrong. I dont give a shit how big of an ass her husband is. She should get an Oscar nomination for the performance she gave. It was convincing to all!

IHATELIaRS February 22, 2010 at 5:02 pm

Not sure why “GET A GRIP” is calling people liars. There is porof that she took a vacation and thousands of dollars for her treatments. If Dina is not GET A GRIP then I hope whoever you are you wake up real soon before Dina screws you too!

Pat leone Sr March 7, 2010 at 1:05 pm

unfortunately i have know Dina for 18 years and i am telling you right now tha Dina is “get a grip”. I can tell by the content and the poor grammar.
She is crying the blues for anyone to believe her lies. She is also going around claiming she won’t even serve time for her crimes. As long as I have know her she has spit in the eye of justice and believe me she’ll do it again.
Dose anyone find it amazing she hasn’t worked in years but yet she has money. Do you think it is the hidden cancer scam money. I know pat dosen’t have any.

To >Pat Leone Sr and Patrick Leone Jr March 13, 2010 at 7:54 pm

Patrick Leone Sr and Patrick Leone Jr,

This story grabbed my attention and I have been following it from the beginning. The signs that are present are classic signs of Domestic Abuse. It sounds as if “Dina” after 18 years was trying very hard to have your son “Patrick” change his ways and just love her. From reading blogs it sounds to me like “Dina” was trying very hard to save and protect her family. Its sad to see that a women would go to such extreme measures to protect her abuser.

I don’t know this “Dina” nor do I know your son “Patrick Jr”, However seems as though you, being the “father” would say just about anything to protect your son, as most fathers would.I find it very distastefuly that you would bash your grandchildren’s mother in a public forum. I am certain with out failure that you knew of these abusive issues between their parents over the past years. In reading your blog I am sure that in most cases you pretended that it didn’t exist, where you could have helped them fix the issues instead of watching it repeat its self.

Had they gotten the help to stop the abuse, worked together and changed the cycle, I am certain they would not be where they are today.

However, after reviewing all the public record and all the horrific comments online I did see the discharge papers from your son with relations to the US Navy, did you? I did see the pictures from your grand-daughter saving your daughter in laws life, did you? Or, in addition to just a few more key notes, the time he sat in jail for abusing her?? I have yet to find anything relating to a Judge calling her a liar??? I did indeed pull Baltimore County and Carroll County’s case files and although he was never convicted of most charges, the allegations of the abuse definitely show the validity of “Dina’s” side of the story. In most cases the couple where back together and continued to be married and charges had been dropped.

I don’t know “Dina”, however I do work for the Baltimore Women’s Abuse Foundation. Anyone who knows about Domestic Violence would tell you that women who love their spouses, boyfriend, or abusers find it is very common for them to return to their abusive relationships. Thats all they know. In fact 89% of women in Maryland want their abusers to love them so badly that they would go to any extreme to be with them. Doesn’t matter if they are verbally or physically abusing them, they push for the relationship more in hopes that it will change. Most of the women lie to avert the attention away from their abuse.

Portraying Mr. Leone Jr as a victim is sending a message that its okay that the abuse occured. I am not saying that Mrs. Leone’s actions are to be excused, however, she has been ostracized and I have yet to see anyone try to understand what would have led her to go to such lengths. It sounds like what started out as a woman covering her abuse to her friends turned into her seeking out the additional support she needed in any manner that she could find. She couldn’t share what was really going on but she found comfort and kind words when they thought she was ill. Mr. Leone Jr, exploited Mrs. Leone’s cover story for financial gains and that is what I find so disturbing. There is no way that Mr. Leone Jr didn’t play his part in what was going on with this couple’s issues.

Pat leone Sr March 14, 2010 at 7:50 am

I do not condone any abuse but i hold liars in contempt. I do know of his discharge from the Navy, which was honerable. all the allocutions on abuse were dropped of proven false . I have watched dina use the system on several ocassions to keep pat at bay even before they were married. I watched dina USE my grandaughter as a weapon to keep pat in her life. I even got charged by her for tresspassing because i picked my grandaughter so my son did not have to got near her . If you are so concerned about dina get her the mantal help she needs. ands if you would like to discuss all the perils invloved in this situation I would be glad to meet with you. But alas it easy to disguise your self behind the internet and trully doub’t you don’t know dina, as a matter of fact i belive you might be dina posting this because she is that good at faking things. good luck if you are legit in helping those that are really abused but keep in mind there are those that beat the system with lies.

WTH? March 30, 2010 at 10:08 am

Dina lied………bottom line. I was in an abusive marriage – I left. I took my kids – packed them in the car and left.

Now stones are being thrown at people like Dawn Lynch? I’ve known Mrs. Lynch for most of my life….. she is someone who always helps people that she loves. Is she perfect? Nope……..but neither am I or any of you. She gave the money to help pay bills out of an account that her and her husband share – and he doesn’t supposedly love her – he DOES in fact love her with all of his heart.

If Dina had been abused – then she needed to leave. Is it easy? Hell no! It’s the hardest thing a person has to do – leaving their home – their belongings – really their identity – but you pick up and you go and life starts over.

She needs to go to jail – but more than that, she needs to hit her knees and pray for forgiveness from GOD and hope that all the do-gooders out there, including Mrs. Lynch, can find a way in their hearts to forgive her also.

Give her jail time March 30, 2010 at 10:30 am

To: Get A Grip and any other Dina supporters. Know this, she is a liar and a scammer. I was in employed in a capacity where I had to sue Dina for non payment of a hospital bill, she was a piece of work then. Years later our paths crossed yet again in a different capacity.

Dina became ‘sick’ with cancer, right about the time she was going to be sent to prison for her Carroll County criminal case. She was pretending to be an attorney and stealing the mortgage payments of her ‘clients’. When she placed on probation she went about life just fine, she wasn’t dying (yet) but she was still ‘sick’. Part of her probation was she had to pay restitution to her victims. When she violated her probation she was going to brought back into court and was facing prison time. Her VOP hearing was set for early 2009. Just before Christmas 2008 she was knocking on deaths door, she had minutes to live. Miraculously, her VOP hearing came and went, she didn’t go to prison and she was no longer on death’s door, but still ‘dying’. Also, in July 2008, Pat left Dina he moved out of their house she is the one who harassed him and begged him to come back, again using their daughter as bait.

Between the time she was placed on probation for her Carroll County charges and the time she was brought back to court for violation, she was pretending to be a real estate agent. She stole deposit money for homes from people. Check the Maryland Department of Labor and Licensing (I think that’s what it is).

She does not deserve sympathy nor does she deserve to stay free. We will see if she is sent to prison to serve her 10 years that was orginally given but suspended in Carroll County. If not, one can hope that Baltimore County will be harsher with their punishment.

StacyB March 30, 2010 at 1:07 pm

I myself, did go to school with Dina… I do not know Pat Jr at all, I myself being a wife from an abusive relationship do however know that Dina has mental issues. They stem probably as far back as when her childhood house caught on fire not once, but twice. Is this coincidental? I think not. In order to fool as many ppl as she has, and take advantage of at least that many more, you must realize this is a taught characteristic. I do feel sorry for her children, all of them. The children are the real victims here, and I do hope whomever has taken over custody of them will get them the help they will need to lead productive non afflicted lives.
Is it normal to go around and do ill to everyone you come into contact with, I think not. Is it normal to have your children totally turned against you? I think not. Is it normal to shave your head and pretend that you have stage 4 cancer? I think not…..
You would think that Dina would have or could have found something else to lie about, making her very pathetic life seem tragic from another illness other than cancer. One would think that knowing she has close friends that either themselves or family members are struggling with cancer, that Dina herself could be more inventive of an illness. Her faking cancer actually is a huge stab in the back and kick in the head to her high school friends that are actually sick.
I do think that Jenn and Charles were doing just what close childhood friends would do, being in the position they are and thinking that helping would only make her life a little easier even for a couple of days….
I personally would like to thank both Jenn and Charles for reaching out to Dina for what they thought was a last effort to make a childhood friend more comfortable and for showing her deserving children a really great time. Dinas’ children deserve the world!! They have been cheated by their mother, but that is their mothers’ MO…
I feel for Pat Jr. I feel sorry that he is being thrown into the mix of what Dina has done. If Pat has helped to contribute to Dinas’ life of swindling, than shame on him. But it seems that this has been Dinas’ life long passion, to get something for nothing and feel nothing in return.
I will however let Pat Jr. know that if he did infact abuse Dina that he himself now makes himself partly responsible for Dinas’ mental state.. It is not enough for unstable men to ruin their life and their self esteem, but it then trickles to the loved ones. It starts with a slap, then a you are a no good whatever, and then the mental abuse and degregation come into play. So I hope Pat has come to terms that he may in fact be partly to blame, and if he is just make nice with the maker, cause in the end the truth will all come out in the wash… Lastly, I realize that Dina will very soon have a new address in the Baltimore County Dept. of Corrections….I hope she is well taken care of. I hope she enjoys the nice scenery, I hope she has wonderful , kind, and thoughtful roomates…But most of all, I hope someone be it a family member or in the dark friend help her out with the soap on the rope. I would hate for her to drop the soap and then and only then become the victim for the first time for real!!!!

PieceOfSh*t March 30, 2010 at 11:21 pm

Dina is a Piece of Sh*t!!! Period, end of story. She lied, she got caught and should suffer any and all consequences resulting from her choices. The dumb broad could have gotten legitimate help from friends and family to get out of an abusive situation, instead she scammed and lied and toyed with the emotions of countless people and families. The karma bus will come by to take her for a ride… it stops for everyone! I hope they put her under the jail! LOSER!

A pack of lies April 9, 2010 at 8:07 pm

For real? I’ve known Dina for years and she lies about everything. I’ve been told that she is severely bipolar which makes some sence. This girl lies about every and anything and she is a serious con-artist. This is not the first cancer that she said she had! In addition, she supposidly LOST a baby years ago too. Her insane stories are numerous and make little to no sence. I feel most sorry for daughter. She has drug this girl throught the ringer. She pulled her out of school several times to tell her that she had received “bad news” from her Doctor. I have seen her daughter cry about her mother’s FAKE cancer because she feared her mother would die! What kind of mother would ever hurt her children in this way? AND for years the stories have continued. To the point that she told people that her daughter was put on medication. I know that her and Pat didn’t have a great marriage, however, I never saw any signs of abuse. This woman loved him dearly, however, I do believe Pat knew that Dina was not sick and he should be held accountable to some extent. I know Dina well and she needs to be put in a mental institution and receive professional care. She is very sick and both of her children deserve peace. Dina has a side about her that is very fun, nice and caring but another that is dark, cold, and full of fabricated stories and lies. Sounds like a classic case of severe bipolar to me!

Mr Big April 12, 2010 at 8:51 am

From reading all of these posts, I have decided that you are all a bunch of ignorant trailer-trash slugs. You all need to learn how to spell and use the language.

Please, all of you, go away.

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