James Lovett On Sex Addict Show

by The Editors on November 2, 2009

Sex Rehab Cast Jamie LovettReality TV continues to amaze. Loveline’s Dr. Drew has a new show on VH1 called Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew in which a gang of sexually addicted freaks live together in a house and look for solutions. Joining the gang, which includes “a Playmate, a rock drummer, a porn star, a swimsuit model, and the gorgeous wife of a guy who won Rock Star: Supernova” is “one of the world’s top rated surfers and wakeboarders” James Lovett.

It’s truly great for anyone in any public forum to treat masturbation, condom use, STDs, and the tricky connection between sex and emotion as serious subjects worthy of genuine, nonjudgmental discussion. But there’s no denying the more voyeuristic elements of this series.

Nice that Neff can get this kind of quality product placement, huh?

[Link: Entertainment Weekly]

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