April 2011

Shaun White Playing Power Politics?

by The Editors on April 30, 2011

White Whca Brunch-Thumb-500X375-34034For the past 10 years news producer Tammy Haddad has thrown a brunch party at her home the morning before the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, DC.

The brunch features one of the most exclusive guest lists on the celebrity party circuit. For today’s event (April 30, 2011), aside from inviting Sarah Palin, Scarlett Johansson, and Rupert and Wendi Murdoch, Haddad invited Shaun White, according to a story in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Georgetown brunch was sponsored by Tammy Haddad and Ted Greenberg; Kevin Sheekey, Hilary Rosen, Mark Ein, Alex Castellanos, Anita Dunn, Bill Knapp, Jim Courtovich, David Adler, Steve McMahon and Franco Nuschese. . . Two charities were highlighted : CURE Epilepsy, founded by Susan Axelrod, whose husband, David, is a key Obama advisor and White Ribbon Alliance, overseen by Wendi Murdoch, married to media mogul Rupert.

We’re guessing this is one of those parties that CAA requires Shaun to attend. After looking at Shaun’s posh garb there really is no other explanation.

[Link: Chicago Sun-Times]

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Sally Fitzgibbons Wins Another One

by The Editors on April 30, 2011

Fitzgibbons8585Nz11Kirstin L

How quickly things change. After four years of Stephanie Gilmore taking pretty much everything on the ASP Women’s World tour it seems the next generation has moved in to take over. Australian Sally Fitzgibbons defeated Hawaiian Coco Ho 16 to 8.86 in the finals of the TSB Bank Women’s Surf Festival at Taranaki, New Zealand on Saturday April 30, 2011 making it two in a row, after three years on tour without a win.

“This means the world to me, I’m so stoked to get a win here in New Zealand,” Fitzgibbons said. “Last year I got runner-up so to take the win today is extra special. . . The waves today were pretty challenging,” Fitzgibbons said. “Entering the water I saw a little peak down the beach, it was a risky move but it paid off this time. I just went out there and thought I’m in the final and I just wanted to go for it and that’s where I was going to surf. “

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Some Guys Who Make Skate Videos

by The Editors on April 29, 2011

201104 Skatecon2 G10 17

On Wednesday night (April 27, 2010), after a long day of typing at the IASC Skateboarding Summit, we drove up to LA to attend the Levi’s Film Workshop’s Skate Video Night at the Vista Theatre.

The evening, hosted by Epicly Later’d’s, Patrick O’Dell, was part of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s current show Art In The Streets. An audience of more than 500 packed into the theater for a series of skate video montages broken down by decade (80s, 90s and 00s). Between each decade Ty Evans, Rick Howard, Aaron Meza, Greg Hunt, Tobin Yelland, Stacy Peralta, Lance Mountain, Spike Jonze, and Ed Templeton would take the stage and answer questions and discuss the skateboard filmmaking process.

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Panel photo: Mikey Tnasuttimonkol
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Real Skateboards x Benny Gold

by The Editors on April 29, 2011

[Link: Real via SkateDaily]


SIA Says Nevermind To New Show Dates

by The Editors on April 28, 2011

Snow Show LogoA month ago, when the Snow Industries of America announced that they would be moving the dates of their annual trade show up to the middle of January beginning in 2013 we thought it was kind of silly of them to so brazenly stomp all over dates historically used by the regional rep shows. That would be just plain dumb, we thought. Well, apparently, those same thoughts finally sunk in to the SIA board of directors because:

The Board of Directors for SnowSports Industries America (SIA) announced today that the SIA Snow Show will continue to be held in the late January/early February timeframe. Given the many factors and constituencies SIA’s Board had to consider, the goal was to provide Show dates that would be beneficial to all aspects of the industry. . . “At the end of the day, the voice of the retail community and our sales reps was heard loud and clear,” said Tim Petrick, SIA’s Chairman. “The earlier dates were not going to work for the U.S. retail community, so we needed to find a solution that worked for our customers.”

And what a solution it was. Keep the dates the same. Just think of all the meetings that were required to do absolutely nothing about the SIA dates. For the rest of the details, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Snowboard Shop Customer Service Tips

by The Editors on April 28, 2011

Function4SportsadvertscanDavid Throne, the creator of the 27b/6 site and author of the book The Internet is a Playground has made a career out of often caustic, always hilarious email exchanges with friends, business associates, and random people he encounters. His most infamous post involved Thorne being asked to design a logo with pie charts for free.

Luckily, for all of us, Thorne has recently taken up snowboarding and made the unfortunate purchase of a pair of 180s Gloves from Harrisonburg, Virginia’s Function 4 Sports. Here’s how he described it to a shop employee via email:

Assuming the gloves would be waterproof for use in the snow (possibly due to being told “these are waterproof gloves for use in the snow”) I was surprised to find they became soaked within seconds and bled black ink down my sleeves and all over the front of my jacket. . . Returning to the store immediately, brandishing both the result and receipt, I politely stated that I was not seeking compensation for the ruined jacket, just simply wished to exchange the gloves for a pair not designed to destroy everything they come into contact with. . . I was told, “Fuck off. You’ve worn them.”

In response to Function 4 Sport’s stunning customer service it appears that someone created an ad for Function 4 Sports offering a “Free Burton Snowboard With Ride Boot And Bindings. . . only 4,800 Packages available, no purchase necessary” The ad resulted in over “5,000 calls” to the store according to a quoted mail. From there things only got worse. Click the link for a little reminder that you never know what a customer is capable of especially after telling them to “fuck off.”

[Link: 27b/6]


IASC Skateboarding Summit Coverage

by The Editors on April 28, 2011

201104 Skatecon2 G10 7
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More than 130 skateboard industry titans joined the International Association of Skateboard Companies for their fourth annual Skateboarding Summit in the California Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel in Orange, California.

Day one of the conference featured a keynote address by Stone Brewing co-founder and CEO Greg Koch, lively retailer and manufacturer panel discussions, and an evening interview with Alien Workshop founder Chris Carter (click here for video of the entire interview).

Day two featured the incredible panel on Managing A Modern Career and the compelling Future of Skateparks discussion.

For our live blogging coverage of the entire IASC 2011 Skateboarding Summit click here. Or, click just here for the photos.


Josh Kalis For 9five Eyewear

by The Editors on April 28, 2011

[Link: 9five]


Alien Workshop’s Chris Carter Interview Video

by The Editors on April 27, 2011

Few have been more mired in the skateboarding industry than Alien Workshop founder Chris Carter. Last night (April 26, 2011) at the IASC Skateboarding Summit Shop-Eat-Surf.com’s Tiffany Montgomery interviewed Chris. It was only the second interview he has ever given. Chris tells the whole story of his start in skateboarding, founding Alien Workshop, selling the business to Burton, and how he’s working to keep the brand relevant in a changing market.

It is long (over an hour) but if you care about skateboarding you should watch it.

[Editors’ Note: it only took us eight minutes to realize the table and chairs were ruining the shot. It gets better at the nine minute mark. Sorry.]


IASC Skateboarding Summit Live Blogging

by The Editors on April 27, 2011